This comment was submitted to me by W.C. This is a neighbor’s response to W.C.’s repeated invitations to visit his church. As you will read, people aren’t always gracious.

I find it rather insulting that for years now you have questioned and doubted my faith in God simply because of your inability to talk me into going to your church. I have really restrained myself from telling you to back off, but you just don’t get it. I have a deep spiritual relation ship with the almighty, I do not have one, however with organized religion such as you subscribe to. I am a student of history and as such I am well aware of organized religion and the wars and death that has occurred over the centuries all in the name of God, Jesus, Allah and whatever. Countless millions slaughtered in holy wars, the numbers are quite staggering. I worship God in my own way, without a support group of fellow parishioners, not that I think there is anything wrong with that. Some people need it to keep themselves in line. I am one of those people.So I guess what I am trying to say is that I do not wish to ever attend your church, and please stop asking. I understand the fact that you are a salesman. This is one sale that you will never make.

Here is W.C.’s response. Do you think it was appropiate?

I am sorry if I hurt you man! I didn’t think you were that sensitive. I won’t bring this up any more from here on. I am just going to finish it by saying to you with respect and love that the answer is typical of people that have been jaded by putting their trust in “Organized religion.” I hear you man; You’re not alone.

However you may be misunderstanding me. I do not put my faith in organized religions or any churches… I put my faith in JESUS… HE is the only One that will not rip me off. He is my Salvation. It is a personal relationship, not a religion.

I don’t meant to preach to you and it’s because I care that I share the good news. But the “Good News” is not good news if you don’t hear the bad news first…. right?


  1. sure, that response seems right on.

  2. man, some people you wanna just kick in the teeth. 🙂 (i meant that in the nicest way possible….)

  3. People, This is a typical response when we fail to properly introduce the Law. Good News si foolishness to those that are ignorant of the Law and it’s concequences.

  4. This all goes back to the “watered down” gospel that we have been preaching for the last 30 years in our Christian culture… most people don’t even preach the “full gospel”…

    We need the law, the truth about sin, the love of God (the cross), the plan of God (salvation, baptism, discipleship, evangelism, etc.), the design of God (including the church) and this is just the beginning…

    I think at times we are in a hurry to get people to make a decision, when we should be discipling non-believers until the Holy Spirit brings about conviction of “sin, righteousness and judgment” which will bring true repentance, which will bring them to surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus!

    Don’t apologize for the gospel! Sometimes the truth hurts and it sure does offend!

    Yes, pray for people! By all means LOVE them (it never fails), but speak the truth and let the Lord do his work!

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