The Everyday Club Report for November: Telemarketer Payback Time


One month left until the year ends! Who will finish well? Sadly, out of the 120 or so who have signed up for The Everyday Club over the last two years, about 25 continue to report in. ๐Ÿ™ It’s never to late to recommit though! ๐Ÿ™‚ Want to sign up or re-up? Click here for the info.

If you find yourself too busy with day-to-day life, cooped up in an office or home, possibly even snowed in, there is still an opportunity to fulfill your everyday goal with TELEMARKETER PAYBACK TIME.

In fact, just now as I was writing this, my phone rang and it was a—SURPRISE!—telemarketer from St. Louis who believed that she would go into the ground when she died and be reincarnated back to life. She reads the Bible but just doesn’t believe the way I do. She heard the full Gospel, then… I bought what she was selling (a newspaper subscription). If you want to learn a great way to witness to every stranger who calls you in your own home, click here.

Image: Telemarketing Scum Page


  1. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have at least one daily 1-2-1 conversation and preach in the open air when I can.

    Hereโ€™s how I did:

    I missed my goal on 4 days. Hereโ€™s how I did on the other days:

    2300 tracts handed out.

    37 personal conversations, a lot of them in large groups.

    9 open air sessions

    1 inner air

  2. You know, Steve, there’s a way now to actually forbid telemarketers from calling your house. Head over to and check it out. No tricks, you can clearly see from the web address that it’s a US government site.

    Now, you may not care anymore since you already have a method for dealing with them, but you may find it useful one day.

  3. November went really well I think over all I missed maybe two days in getting tracts out in some way. Just last weekend on Saturday I went shopping with my wife and was blessed to get to hand out a lot of the Christmas Cash at the stores. This was the day after Black Friday but still quite busy.

    This weekend in the very small town that I live in we will be having a Christmas Parade. I went to this parade last year and was able to hand out a lot of tracts. Maybe this year Lord willing I will try something new! God bless!!!


  4. my november was pitiful by my standard but i did do one thing as i ran errands. i handed out…

    “a gift for you” tracts…a decent handful for sure.

    i plan on using these through the holidays. i like them because i can place a dollar bill inside and the Gospel message is included. this way, i can enjoy giving rather than receiving.

    Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas everyone!

  5. Also I forgot to add that I have been blessed lately with being able to chat online with a lot of mormons. The mormons have a website where you can ask them questions. It has been an exciting experience and the gospel has been presented to those in darkness (not always easy to give them the gospel because like most unregenerate people they do not want to hear it. For a mormon it can be especially hard because they are so confused). Please pray that God would continue to use me and that these precious people would repent and turn to the true Jesus Christ for salvation. PTL!!!


  6. November was better than I thought even being out of town. My goal is one daily 1-2-1 or 10 tracts. I met this every day except two. I passed out around 200 tracts, got into around 100 1-2-1 conversations and had several conversions take place! Praise the Lord! even when we slip up, we get back up and keep moving!

  7. I had a couple of 1-2-1’s and I passed out a few tracts, but I didn’t really do well this month. We have been dealing with a lot of family issues this month and it just didn’t leave me with a lot of time or energy, unfortunately.

  8. I missed a couple days while deer hunting, but otherwise had a gospel conversation every day. As usual, stories of these conversations are on my website. Gradually, what started as a self-discipline goal is turning into a natural part of my day!

  9. My commitment is to share the Gospel every day, pass a tract every day, and preach open air every week.

    Here’s how I did:

    *50+ Gospel conversations
    *300+ tracts passed
    *10 open air sessions
    *2 inner air sessions

    Seeking And Saving,

  10. 1 open air
    7 gospel conversations
    2 cross walks
    125 tracts

    I just realized I missed reporting October’s results. That was in the month we did the ‘Mission Ottawa 2010’ event. Let’s just say on all counts: tons!

  11. Missed a couple of days in November,but was a lot better than in October, but along with C.A.U.S.E. and weekly witnessing,handed out over 400 tracts this month. Will aim for at least 5 per day, as I set the bar way too low, by saying I’ll d at least one a day, will aim for at least 5 a day on those days I am not out witnessing with the team on Saturdays (when we hand out 50-100+) and get at least a couple One2Ones.

  12. Steve what’s an inner air?

    Is it doing Open Air inside a store?

  13. November was a great month for our team, but we did suffer loss when we were “pinched” by the authorities at UC Irvine. Seems the Jehovah’s Witnesses took exception to our methods and complained. No matter, we were able to visit the campus twice a week since the beginning of the school year to hand out tracts and engage in many one-one conversations. I think I missed my goal of daily witnessing 4-5 days, which really bummed me out — a wasted day it seems! We have a big opportunity at UC Irvine the 3rd week of January, where we will be joined by Tony Miano and Chad Williams a big outreach. Our friends at Chi Alpha (Christ’s Ambassadors), an on-campus club, will be providing the permit. Bringin’ in the sheaves, bringin’ in the sheaves, we will come rejoicing bringin’ in the sheaves!

  14. Great job, everyone!

    Inner air is preaching a gospel message in a church (but, hey! Inside a store is a great idea. Did you see our guy preach in an IN N’ OUT Burger restaurant yet?

  15. 2000 tracts
    2 open air
    1 crazy conversation with a liberal female pastor.(Read my blog for details.)

  16. I missed my goal of 1 tract/day about 12 days in November. I did get to 2 Saturday evangelism outings and was able to handed about a hundred tracts each of those days. I also had a couple of interesting conversations with people who completely deny God and refuse to accept His existence.

  17. Hi Steve, It is hard to believe it has been almost 6 months since the June Ambassadors Academy. That has been a life changing time for me and the sharing of my faith. I continue to pass out tracts and share one on one and have two different evangelism classes going (one with teens and one with adults). Your web page and the WOTM material has been very encouraging to me. thank you.

  18. My goal is to hand out or mail out at least 10 tracts per day, open air preach 1 time per week and have at least three 1-2-1 conversations per week.

    In November, Praise God I was able to reach those goals and exceed o certain days when I went to the USC Game, the Pier, Farmer’s Market’s etc… Also, in my November billing for my business, I mailed the Christmas Quiz from Living Waters with each invoice.

    Here is the link to the Christmas Quiz—>

    God Bless these tracts and may we Proclaim the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Imploring the people we speak with or hand a tract to, for them to be Reconciled to God through Jesus Christ THE Lord.

  19. Missed my goal 4 days in November. Also missed being a part of CAUSE because I came down with the flu. Looking for some good opportunities in December.

  20. I particiapted with the CAUSE project, but I did not do a great job meeting my goals in November. Praying that I will do better in December!

  21. I missed my goal on 8 days

    600 + tracts handed out.

    10 personal conversations.

    5 open air sessions (My most yet…all on Black Friday to people waiting in line!)

  22. My goal is to pass out 10 tracts or 1-2-1.

    This month I missed 4 days.

    Handed out 1,600 tracts.

    9, 1-2-1s.

    16 OA

    There were over 750 hearers.

  23. Whew! I have not been keeping up with a count very well. I just don’t want to say i have met my quota. It was small, and not very risky. However, with the November C.A.U.S.E. project and being on the University of Florida campus at least every Friday, and a High School 5th Qtr It has certainly my recent O.A. and tracting interesting, and exceeding my commitment.

    I think I missed my goal on 10 days. Don’t remember, maybe 10 O.A. situations, and opertunities to ‘discuss’ the Salvation and the Bible with JW calling myself a witness for Jehovah. A group on the UF campus even started bringing out some rank individuals from the church, and finally would interceed when they saw me coming to try to stop my testimony with, we just disagree, OK!
    A Post-Grad Student of 32 – Pakistani Muslim majoring in Cultural Anthropology talked about learning to ‘sell’ ideas to different cultures through his studies. Interesting guy.
    In Jesus the Christ

  24. Update—This weekend was the Christmas Parade in my small town that I live in. There weren’t a lot of people there this year, I think the cold weather may have been a factor (last year I handed out a lot more tracts.) But I was able to get some tracts out, and like I always say its better to get one tract out then none! God bless everybody!!!

  25. I attempted but failed miserably. It gets harder as the days get colder AND the horrible snow! Praying to do better in December.

  26. Hello Team

    November was a disaster for me, missed more than half of the month. But, I m finishing December strong.

    My goal 8 tracts a day or 1 conversation per day. Let’s stay commited and finish strong.

    4His Glory

  27. Met my goal 27 days in November.

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