Evangelism This Saturday: The Infamous Doo Dah Parade!


The Doo Dah Parade is a sometimes-yearly free-for-all that’s crazy, counter-cultural, anti-Conservative—and a whole lot of fun. (Click here to read a report from 2010.)

In past parades there was Iron Man with his rolling ironing board, ironing! The Million Marijuana March was there, as were the L.A Derby Dolls, and the ever-popular Billy Mays  Fan Club wearing their Snuggies. There are also transvestites, people in little motorized cupcakes and Elvis on a Vespa and Atheists United strutting their unbelieving foolishness for all to see!

And that’s why the evangelism team is there every year as well with our own counter-cultural message: Repent and believe in the Savior!

If you want to go to an event that is crazy fun, where parade-goers throw marshmallows and corn tortillas at the participants, then this is the event for you!

Meet at Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach at a special time: 8:30am to carpool. Or call me at 310 374-4673 x.121, leave a message, and I’ll tell you where to meet us in Pasadena.

Last year I was stopped by the police because I was preaching to the crowd—illegally!!! Here is a nice, polite way to deal with officers when they interrupt you when giving the Gospel. (Read the full article by clicking here.)


  1. Pot heads, roller deryb women, transvestites, Billy Mays, beards, snuggies, Elvis, vespas, cupcakes, marshmellos, tortilla chips and Gospel stopping cops! All the things that atheists love.

    I keed, I keed.

    • I am an atheist and avoid this event.

    • What is wrong with: pot heads, roller *derby women, transvestites, Billy Mays (*dead; can’t be there), beards, snuggles, Elvis, Vespas, cupcakes, *marshmallows, tortilla chips, and cops who uphold the laws of the land (even though you don’t like them)?

      I, like the other atheist who replied to you, would not attend this event; however, I fail to see any problems with the above list of things.

      Yes, I would like an answer to my question Doggy!

    • Why do you think being a bitter, small minded jerk, tossing weak insults, does credit to your faith. Not that I care, the difference between decent Christians and WOTM Christians is pretty obvious to me.

      You however seem to be going the extra mile and trying to be a bigger bag of vinegar than Ray Comfort.

      • RYK as the perfect human being that you so often portray yourself as being I am surprised at the name calling.

      • Dogboy

        I have no idea where you think I have claimed to be perfect. I have only claimed basic human decency…the fact that you consider that perfection shows what you are.

        As to the name calling I recently listed a number of flaws of mine and mocking others was among them,

    • Wow. Based on your description, it’s like the internet in real life (ie. WEIRD).

      And yeah, most of that stuff doesn’t interest me, but roller derby is scary awesome. It’s like if you took an ordinary full contact sport, took away the penalty rules, and then accelerated everyone to 50km/h. Roller derby teams make footballers look like wimps.

      PS: I love how Steve says how much fun the event is with one hand while simultaniously trying to get them to stop what they’re doing and become good christians with the other.

      • PPS: Okay, okay, Vespa’s are also awesome, but only because if you own one you can fight giant hand robots coming out of out of a teenagers forehead whilst surfing a hoverguitar and wearing a playboy bunny outfit for no explicable reason.

        YES. I’m not normally a Japanese Anime fan, but… just… YES.

      • I’m not trying to stop anyone from anything, except unbelief in a Holy God. This is a great event because it is so diverse. I don’t look at these people with disapproval at all.

      • Does Jesus support pot? Yes or no (and why, if you could).

      • I’m not trying to stop anyone from anything, except unbelief in a Holy God.

        While I generally agree that this is a decent description of what your life’s purpose seems to be (according to what you write on this blog), I have to disagree.

        You also try to stop people from writing things you find objectionable for whatever reason. I’ve certainly written things here that did not insult you or your deity that you refused to publish. It’s your blog and that’s your right, but you should be aware that you’re trying to do many things. Stopping unbelief in God is only one of them.

  2. Maybe if you didn’t post so much to this blog, you’d also have the free time to devote to your own hobbies.


  3. Hey Pastor Steve what’s the story behind how this whole event got started? There has to be an interesting story behind this one! It does sound like fun to attend. Wish I lived in your area I would be going with the team and you!

  4. Yeah Schmader, it must be nice.

    Jim has motorcycles, guns, doggies, video equipment, ham radio stuff, a chiminea to burn stuff in, big landscaped backyard and pool, he lives rent free in a basement apartment “man cave”, his mommy does his laundry and makes him free home cooked meals, he has an allowance and he made site administrator at wearesmrt this year. Jim is living the sweet life. He is the 1%!

    • Feel the fruit of Christian love!

    • You sound just like how Jesus would talk about Jim’s situation, except for not at all.

    • Nohm the way you always respond to my comments leads me to think that you might be Jim’s alter ego?

      You are implying that I wrote something bad about Jim. I said he was living the “sweet life”. What is wrong with that?

      If I wrote something wrong I think Jim would object.

      • So, you’re conceding Nohm’s point that you’re making no effort to behave as Jesus would?

      • Nohm the way you always

        “Always”? C’mon now. There are plenty of your comments that I haven’t commented on.

        respond to my comments leads me to think that you might be Jim’s alter ego?

        What would be the gain of that? For the record, no, I am not his alter ego.

  5. Hey Jim, I think dog boy has a man crush on you.

  6. Steve

    It still makes me chuckle every time I hear someone who believes in Gods call not believing in Gods “foolishness”.

    It is like King Kong Bundy calling Kate Moss fat or Rush Limbaugh complaining about drug addicts.

  7. I pray that everyone that has heard you preach comes to know the real Jesus and isn’t scarred by your repulsive evangelism. Brother you are wrong.

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