Evangelism Explosion Started On This Day


“Have you come to a place in your spiritual life where you can know for certain that if you were to die today you would go to Heaven?”

This is one of the key questions that D. James Kennedy taught students to ask in his witness training called “Evangelism Explosion.” Sound familiar?

The very first “Evangelism Explosion” clinic was held on February 20, 1967. Thirty six pastors attended. Since then thousands of pastors have been trained, and in 1996 EE International reached its goal of planting EE teams in all 211 of the world’s nations.

Read the rest of the story when you get a copy of  The One Year Book of Christian History.


  1. Nope. Remember this post?

    Why would I want to read about the dark side of my faith? I see it nearly everyday. I have a living hope. I want others to hope, too.

    • We live in a world of hunger, warfare, and despair! So don’t forget, we have been given a living hope through the resurrection of our dear Lord Jesus Christ! Will you receive his free gift?

      • Will you SteveL? You’d have to stop your ego worship first and abandon your arrogant ways. Nay. To quote Steve “enough nonsense about being a Christian. You never were.”

      • Jim:
        The gospel is free; but it will cost you EVERYTHING! Get it?

      • Chris says:
        Will you SteveL? stop your ego worship first and abandon your arrogant ways. Nay. To quote Steve “enough nonsense about being a Christian. You never were.”

        Where do you get ego worship and arrogant ways from my above comment? Like I said before; you’re incoherent!

  2. Wow, what a post! We used the “evangelism explosion” at church back in 1979, all six of us!!

  3. Mr. Sanchez I will start this post out by saying I am not trying to stir up any commotion. I have a question for you. Why do you see evangelism as such a good thing? It seems to me that you would want people to find religion (particularly yours) on their own, so that there would be no question about their faith. Be cause to me, and this is only from my observation and could be interpreted as opinion, it seems like you and many other evangelical preachers are trying to scare people towards Christianity with threats of eternal damnation and torture through hell. Also what do you think of the recent Catholic view that there is NO hell? And how are they wrong if you do not agree with that view?

  4. Logical, I believe Steve would say that evangelism is what the Bible entreats its believers to engage in, rather than an effective method of bringing people to the God of the Bible.

    Aka: Steve just does what he’s told.

    PS. I *do* sincerely think Steve would answer your question this way. However, if you watch him closely, he does more than follow instructions. It’s clear he tries to reason with people about the correctness of his world view – something he would not do if all he intended was to follow instructions.

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