Evangelism Saturday: Santa Monica Pier


The easiest place in the world to share your faith is at the end of Route 66 on the Santa Monica Pier. Find out for yourself by joining us to carpool on Saturday at noon at Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach. We performed the TRACT GAUNTLET here a few years back. Perhaps we will again.


  1. isnt that a bit far to say failure to give the name ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ capitals, will be deleted.

    • Proper names in the English language are capitalized. It would be an insult for me to spell your real name with lowercase letters. The Son of God and the Father Himself deserve far more respect than that.

      And Jim, since there’s only one God, there is no ambiguity. There are many false gods, but we’re not talking about them.

  2. Yes I did. Did you read the comment to which you were replying? They mentioned Jesus.

    Whether there is only one God does not change with majority opinion. If in fact there is only one God (there is), then when I say God, I must be referring to Him. If I say “a god”, then of course, I am not referring to The God. You’ll find the same convention in New Testament Greek translations.

    You seem to be easily upset by Pastor Steve’s insistence on common decency.

  3. “God’s” actual biblical name is Jehovah.

  4. Steve if you were handing out Chick tracts you could shout, “Get your Chicks on Route 66!”

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