Evangelism Excursions: El Camino College and Redondo Beach Pier

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Every Thursday we will be on campus at El Camino College to share our faith from 12:30-2pm. Meet on the Library Lawn just south of the outdoor stage. This is the best evangelistic ministry going. Students are willing to engage, listen, and sometimes even respond positively. Most though, like the rest of the younger generation are disinterested and/or apathetic about eternal things.

On Saturday, join us for a very simple and gentle foray to the Redondo Beach Pier, our local fishing hole. Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool.

One Comment

  1. Those of us from Hope Chapel Hermosa had a knockout day at El Co on Thurs. afternoon!
    Steve preached for over an hour from behind our information table and Bob Johnson, Donny and I talked non-stop with others about their eternal security. Folks there were happy as well as engaged and when our time came to a close, I believe that many lives were touched and certainly seeds were planted and a future harvest is just ahead!
    To God be the Glory!

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