Evangelism Excursion: Get Splashed at Venice Beach (like I did)


Back in 2009, when I was young and foolish, I preached in front of this outdoor bar at Venice Beach. In the video below you’ll see this crowd was having a great time mocking me. At the 2:46 mark, right after I mention the 8th Commandment, you’ll see me bear the brunt of a man who emptied his beverage in my face. (Continue reading below to see what the barmaid did on another occasion to try to stop me.)

At another time, while preaching at this same outdoor bar, a barmaid came out with a ghetto-blaster, held it over her head and turned up the volume, trying to drown out my message. I stopped preaching and waited. Soon the weight of the radio caused her arms to tire, she lowered it, and retreated inside the restaurant.

I started preaching again.

Now the barmaid came storming out a second time—with cowbells. Cowbells! She started whacking them with a stick and shaking them around, making such a din that I had to stop preaching again because of the cacophony. I waited and soon the cowbells became too heavy for the barmaid to hold. She left in disgust, never to return.

I continued preaching.

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  1. You know Steve, it’s times like these (your outreaches) I would like to live a couple thousand miles closer. Trying to find someone around me to hand out tracts and talk one on one with people is none existent. What’s the secret to drawing people out to evangelize in the streets, at parades, at other large gatherings? It is discouraging sometimes…

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