Evangelism Class Promo


This is an ad that your church can use if you’d like. It’s only 1:40 long and is generic in nature, so you can adapt it to your evangelism class at church (see below for details).

Our next class called “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear” starts on Thursday night, August 14, for 6 weeks. If you are in the L.A. area, please join us!

If you would like a copy of this promo for your church, then click here for details.

If you’d like to download this promo for free, here is what you need to do:

1) Go to

2) The password is stonethepreacher

3) Click on the video when it appears.

4) Click on “Save” and save it to your files. That’s it.

If you’d like to purchase it, I’m charging $5.00 for the postage and handling only and the money goes to my church.

Send it to my administrative assistant, Barbara, this way:

Hope Chapel
Attn. Barbara Twyman
2420 PCH
Hermosa Beach, Ca. 90254

Write a note that says that you want the Evangelism Promo.

God bless! Let me know how the shared file site works… or doesn’t.


  1. Steve,
    Great video. Please try to e-mail it and when you do, give me an address. I would like to make a donation for the effort it took to put it together. Thanks

  2. Travis,

    I sent you the digital file from

    Let me know if you were able to download it effectively, that way I can send this video for free!

  3. hi steve,

    i would like to purchase a copy of this DVD please.

    if you could email me with your address i will send payment asap.

    thank u, this will help in our classroom

  4. Please Steve send the promo to me. I want to pass it on to my church and others I told you who were interested.

  5. Hey Steve,

    great advertisement. I am looking forward to continuing with your class.
    I was really impressed with you Jonathan Edwards sermon. Excellent delivery and your blog on the response was encouraging also.
    looking forward to seeing you soon.
    be blessed and keep up the good fight.
    oh, by the way I was able to download the video.

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