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Many who read this blog probably think that I’m just a full-time pastor of evangelism, and you’d be partially right. I don’t write too much about my personal life, save for an occasional birthday notice or prayer request, but today, as I’m typing out my daily blog entry a little late, I thought I’d fill you in on what I do exactly at my church, Hope Chapel, so you’ll understand if I don’t write a post every day, or on occasion, re-post an entry.

My main responsibility is as a District Pastor; that is, I oversee a district of our church. Since our congregation comes from a surrounding area of about twenty square miles, we’ve divided this area into four districts; mine is the City of Torrance, with a population of about 150,000. I am charged with raising up mid-week Bible studies called minichurches, of which I have fourteen currently, and I meet with the leaders of these small groups on a regular basis, as well as caring for the 500 or so people who attend our church from this city.

I am the Singles Pastor as well; in fact, when I was hired in 1997, that was what I was employed to do. I maintain a Singles blog called, SinglesConnect, of which I post entries once or twice a week. I teach our 30’s and older singles twice a month and lead monthly leadership meetings on how best to get our singles population to connect with God and with each other.

I also oversee our baptisms, which we try to have six times a year. Last Sunday afternoon we conducted an ocean baptism (we usually hold them indoors) with 30mph winds and a sixty degree temperature. I’m working on the timing of these things.

In addition, I’m required to attend all four of our weekend services (Friday, Saturday, and two Sunday morning), and of course, meet, welcome, and call visitors, disciple believers, and help with biblical guidance whenever needed. I teach from the pulpit on occasion when asked by my Senior Pastor Zac Nazarian, the godliest man I’ve ever known, and a true Daniel in my life. Below, see the short video of him promoting “The Way of the Master” book and our evangelism efforts.

As the pastor of evangelism, I teach a six week evangelism training called “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear,” every other month, and schedule various adventures, which include an outing every Friday evening and every Saturday afternoon. I have a great team of leaders who help me take on these evangelistic tasks every week. I also lead a weekly evangelism outreach at our local community college; and every other Friday, I teach an evangelism training to kids ranging in age from 8-13 years old; and starting tonight, I’ll be doing the teaching portion of our newly formed AWANA program.

Most importantly, I have a wonderful family to attend to, pray for, and love.

Anyway, you get the idea. I’m writing this to give you a little insight into my other responsibilities besides evangelism.



    I have asked you many times in the past, “How do you do it?”. Now I wonder even more. Wow.

    Remember, throughout all this, your body needs proper excercise and proper food to fuel your body and brain. God given fruit, veggies and meat. Not the processed stuff that is a poison to your body, can make you sick and can lead you to an early grave.

    And most importantly, I truly believe that second and third in line after God in regard to love, commitment and devotion is your wife and then your kids.

    Be sure not to spread yourself too thin. You won’t be doing yourself, others and God any favors by doing so.

    I know you already know this stuff. But its good to take a periodical check to make sure things are still in the order that God designed them to be.

    You are a blessing to me and to many. God bless you, brother. I continue to pray for you.

  2. I do try to eat right, Paul. My wife is a great cook who prefers organic. And I do work out 5 times a week, riding my bike twice along the beach, and gym 3 times a week (that is my weekly goal, at least).

    Ice cream is my biggest sin.

    There. I’ve confessed it.

  3. don’t forget to give DAILY undivided attention to your dear wife/daughters.
    bring home some pretty flowers…just because…to all your girls. ; )

  4. steve said…

    Most importantly, I have a wonderful family to attend to, pray for, and love.

    oops, i just caught this part. didn’t mean to imply otherwise. but, still stand on bringing home the flowers now & then.

  5. Great, Steve! I forgot you don’t sleep. That’s how you’re able to do all you do and take care of yourself at the same time. Sheeesh!

    What a coincidence! My wife is a great cook as well! We’re mostly raw and organic here at home. And we exercise. And we rest. That’s important, too.

    I lost 40 pounds in the last year because of all that. I never thought I could do this but God led us to take full appreciation for what He has designed for us to ingest and do in order to remain healthy.

    I wanna live and evangelize with my body and mind in tact til the day God says “This Is It!”

    Good to hear you take care of yourself. You’re looking mighty good for a man of 67 years!

  6. Paul,

    6-7 hours a night!

    I only look 67 years of age.

    Thanks, Mom!

  7. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!
    And Paul said he had an abundant life, and so shall we.
    Keep up the good work Steve, we love all that you’re doing in the Lord.

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