Evangelism, AMISH Style


This 3 minute video will cause you to smile and shed a tear….

Ephraim Stoltzfus, raised in the Amish culture, was disfellowshipped from his community for having the audacity to share the gospel with the lost, conducting Bible studies with his family, and for reading the Bible in English. As he studied the Word, he realized that that his leaders’ traditions didn’t exactly line up with Scripture.

This clip is taken from a one hour BBC documentary of this incident called “Trouble in Amish Paradise” (currently unavailable, but you can read a synopsis here), and you can listen to Ephraim’s amazing story by clicking here to go to Ambassadors’ Alliance Radio. Ephraim’s tesimony is at the start of the second hour.

I was delighted to find out that Ephraim will be attending The Ambassadors’ Academy evangelism training in August—and he’ll be on my team! I’m looking forward to learning from this young man.


  1. This man of God is coming so as to teach us how to be Christians. He will not be learning anything new at the AA. What he will see is folks of a similiar mind that think it is important to share the Good News to a lost and dying world. The most important thing that any man, women or child could ever hope to aspire to.

    – RR

  2. Wow. This does my heart good. I’m gonna have to check out the “Trouble in Amish Paradise” website. Looks very interesting. Thanks, Steve.

  3. I remember seeing the video online a few weeks ago. It is good stuff. God used a secular tv broadcast to spread his message.

  4. Wow, What excuse do we have not to share the gospel?


  5. So easy an Amishman can do it.

  6. God Bless this man and his family! Through all that they have been their faith has grown even stronger in the Lord. It truly is a heart warming thing to see this familys strength courage and hope, it is an inspiration to me.

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