Evangelism Adventures: Whittier Christmas Parade


The secret to a successful, awesome, Spirit-filled evangelism team is found in this one minute video:

Sadly, because we will be meeting so early, at 8:00AM to carpool from Hope Chapel to go to the Whittier Christmas Parade this Saturday, we will not be serving pizza. But please, do not let that deter you from joining us. (You may also meet us at the Metro Rail Station on Santa Fe Ave. in Carson at approx. 8:40 AM if you want to come. But you will have to bring your own pizza leftovers.)


  1. Hopefully there are none who are going with you for food, Rather then for the purpose of serving God. And those who are able to go with you I hope they will and as well one day I am looking forward to joining your team.

  2. Oh, and how funny…. 🙂

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