Evangelism Adventures for November


This Saturday, November 10, we kick off the Evangelistic  Parade Season (which lasts until next next June) with the Long Beach Veteran’s Day Parade. This is a gentle, family-friendly event where we get to honor veterans and current military personnel with hearty applause, Gospel tracts and preaching in the open air. (Details are below the video.)

This 2 minute video is from last year’s parade where we discovered a new technique: Parade Gap Preaching. This is what every open air preacher ought to do when there is a long lull in the parade.

Want to join us? Meet at Hope Chapel at 8AM to carpool or meet us at the parade at about 9AM. Call my work number to get my cell phone number and I will tell you where we will be: 310-374-4673 x.121. For more details about the parade, including where it is located exactly, click here.

Nov 17: Redondo Beach Pier

Nov 24: Nothing planned. But USC is playing at the Coliseum. Feel free to go on your own!

Nov. 25: Hollywood Christmas Parade

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