Evangelism Adventures for October


This Saturday we will once again join Tony Miano and the Third Street Heralds for a rousing good time preaching the Word in the open air, through one-to-one conversations and by handing out tracts. Meet at Hope Chapel at 10am to carpool, or meet at the Promenade at Johnny Rockets at 11am.

The video is of my awesome daughter D. D.  preaching a 30 second sermon atop a raised pulpit at the beginning of the 3rd Street Promenade right in front of the entrance to the Santa Monica Place mall.

Here’s what else is happening this month:

Thursdays: El Camino College Outreach. Meet on Library Lawn from 12:30-2pm

Fridays: A one hour excursion to the Redondo Beach Pier. Meet at Hope Chapel at the bottom of the stairs at 4:30pm.

Oct. 13: “Sharing Your Faith…Made Easy!” 10 week evangelism training at Hope Chapel, 7pm-9pm. All materials are free, including tracts, syllabus and book.

Oct 15: Redondo Beach Pier

Oct 22: Venice Beach

Oct. 29: USC Football or Long Beach Comic Con


Nov. 5: Long Beach Veterans’ Parade


  1. Praise God for your daughters boldness Pastor Steve! She has most certainly been taught well!

  2. Woo! She’s a natural! Just like her pop. 🙂

  3. I have a four-month old daughter and I can hardly wait to hear her break the sound barrier! We’ve already had her evangelizing with mommy and daddy!

  4. LOL

    D.D. is wearing the famous Gorra de San Sanchez (trans. The Cap of St. Sanchez).

    It takes more than a bit of courage and confidence to get up and talk in front of a group of people. I’m impressed.

  5. Wonderful! Praise the Lord! My, she sure seems to be growing, as well. Way to go, DD! Way to go, Pops! Don’t quit! 🙂

  6. How can we get involved in doing this in Ga??? Bless ya for all you are doing!!

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