Evangelism Adventure: Hollywood Protest March


CORRECTION!!! Join us on Saturday as we infiltrate a radical-left protest march with the Gospel. Meet us at Hope Chapel at 10:30!

Or at the corner of Hollywood and Vine at noon. Bring riot gear.

At a previous anti-war protest a few years ago this man was mad as heck and wasn’t going to take it anymore. He was an ex-Morman, an ex-prostitute, and thought all Christians were hypocrites. His sign said, “Who Would Jesus Bomb?” (How about Sodom and Gomorah for starters?) In other words, he was just another leftist protester we encountered at the A.N.S.W.E.R. LA anti-war protest held in Hollywood on March 21, 2009. (Please read the start of this series by clicking here.)

I tried reasoning with him about the truth of the Gospel and his eternal destination; he wanted no part of Heaven because people like me would be there. This was so sad.

Why was this man standing in front of the thousands of other Socialist marchers who were gathered just a few feet away? “I’m blocking them,” he said, as he pointed to a group of “Christian” Sign Guys, who were loudly shouting abusive, incendiary comments at the protesters.

Watch my 5 minute interview with David… then pray for this poor, tortured soul’s heart.


  1. If Jesus would bomb Sodom and Gomarrah, what was that bit about telling James and John when they wanted to call fire and brimstone down on Samaria, “Ye know not what spirit ye are of” (Luke 9:55 KJV). I’m certainly not in favor of homosexuality, but you’ve gotta realize the New Testament is not the rock solid source of conservatism that the Old Testament is. The New Testament is a bit compromised. Jesus has enough leftist and communist sayings to go around. Its for this reason, one of em anyway, I question the “Wisdom” of preaching something labelled “the gospel” to liberals. As if they need more liberalism! As if they need more touchy feely love everybody crap. As if they need to hear that their works don’t matter and make it to heaven on a puffy cloud precisely for not being stuffy righteous people who trust in their works. Face it genious, the “gospel” is for hippies and crack heads.

    • Rey wrote:
      “Face it genious, the “gospel” is for hippies and crack heads.”

      Get back to me when you learn how to spell; maybe then we can have some coherent dialogue! Until that time, I’ll feast on the word of God!

      • This is the internet. People make typos. Get over it. I figured you’d come back with, “Of course the gospel is for hippies and crack-heads; Jesus came to save sinners.” But apparently you aren’t that quick.

  2. Remember when I chastised you for mocking the father of a soldier who died in combat, and you edited the sign about his son out of the picture? Oh, and you blocked all my comments calling you out on it.

    Good times.

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