EV TIPS: The Big IF!


When I teach my evangelism class these questions always come up when it comes to verbally sharing our faith:

What should you do when someone doesn’t believe in God?
How do you handle a person who says that they just go in the ground when they die?
What if they insist that God will not judge them because there is no Judgment Day?
Or, “I don’t believe in Hell?”

It’s very simple: Use the word “if”. null Posing your inquiry as hypothetical questions does not change the reality of eternal truths. So as you engage the skeptical, the atheist, the ignorant, and the defiant, simply ask your questions this way:

IF there was a God…”

IF there was a Heaven or a Hell where do you think you would go?”

IF there was a Judgment Day, would you be innocent or guilty of keeping God’s commands perfectly?”

Remember a person’s belief (or lack thereof) of what you’re saying does not alter facts .

An iffy situation can easily turn into an opportunity for salvation.

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