EV TIPS/Tools: Escalator Escapades


I love escalators! Not only do they save me from all that arduous legwork incurred by lifting too-heavy gifts up too-steep stairs, but I can stand at the bottom and hand out Gospel tracts; I’ve handed out hundreds in just a few minutes. There is a theatre in a local mall that transports people down a level after the movie ends. I simply ask an usher what time the movie is over and wait!
Here’s my 5-year-old Laurel demonstrating excellent form:
Some members of the evangelism team, Robyn and Robert, do not want to be shown up by a little kid.
Let me caution you about the herd mentality, though. If one person says no to a Gospel tract, the whole line of people on the escalator says no. What you have to do after someone says no to a tract, is to skip three or four people and start again. If a person says yes, they all say yes and take them!


  1. interesting…..about the herd mentality.

  2. Herd Mentality !!! Yes !!! Sanity Check !!!

    I was sharing with the staff and attendee’s of the crash course by Last Words Ministry saturday about this “Herd mentality” also known to little tykes as “monkey-see monkey-do” (or “don’t” in the case of refusing a tract.

    That would be scary to stop and wait, though… I’ve seen people get saved from just reading the tract – in fact I didn’t get the privelege personally, but a fellow evangelist had the awesome experience of seeing an unrepentant sinner come to repentance and faith based on being given an MDB.

    A good strategy would be ( IMHO ) if you have a fellow tracter or Christian to have them walk in front of a group and let the crowd see them taking the tract. There are some Christians I work with who catch the earlier trains ( I pass out MDB’s b4 getting on the train ), and we have an understanding that I will be passing them a tract, and I make sure others see this, due to the herd mentality.

    Come to think of it, this could work at HB Pier, where I have my worst sucess tracting, but the 1-2-1’s are ok, and I love to hear the OA. Last saturday was AMAZING as far as that goes.

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