EV TIPS: White People Scare Me


I know this might be considered racial profiling, but I do have to get something out on the table when it comes to evangelizing: white people scare me. If I see a Caucasian and I have to give the gospel to them, a little voice inside says, “Prepare to be rejected.” Still I do it.

What’s really, really scary though, is a white person getting out of an SUV, Hummer or Porsche. Or a lady in a Jeep. And if they’re wearing name-brand eyewear and stone-washed jeans, well, you just might as well forget it. It’s that camel through the eye of the needle thing; not much has changed in 2000 years.

But what’s even scarier than all of those people? A 60 year-old white guy with a ponytail, grandpas in jogging suits and grandma in short-shorts.

Still, Jesus died for them too…

-Steve Sanchez


  1. I wonder if that would make my time in your parts “self-loathing.” I went to a church up on Palos Verdes one time, but then felt that I was getting far better fellowship at a mostly Chinese church (Bread of Life in Torrance) and a black/hispanic church (Sunago Covenant in Compton). Lest you think me brave, I only went to Compton on Saturday mornings….

    I dare agree with you that there is an openness among those with less wealth and more melanin sometimes…..

  2. Absolutely! Look for a future post about the humblest of people. And the best “Big Box” store to witness…it begins with a “W”.

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