EV Tips: Forgive Us Our Trespasses


I had a little anxiety when our group of 60 people trekked on down to the Redondo Pier on Sunday to evangelize and hand out gospel tracts. The reason? Cops. In the entry below (“Guys with Guns Always Win”), I stated how a police officer asked if we had a permit to hand out million dollar bill gospel tracts. I thought for sure we were on the wanted list; I could see it now— WANTED: FANATICAL CHRISTIANS HANDING OUT PHONY MILLIONS!
Book ’em, Danno. null No problems arose, however. Some of the Tract Trekkers spotted some constables and promptly headed the other way—just in case, y’ know. But my wife was in a shop buying something and overheard a police officer talking with the proprieter, “If they hand them out in here, we’ll get ’em.” I surmised that the authorities realized that we can indeed hand out literature in public spaces, but private shops are strictly verboten.

Unless of course, you want to walk on the wild side…

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