EV Tips: Pitbull Versus Poodle


In a response to E-vangie Tales #77 (24 Hour Witness, see below), someone wrote:

“Seriously Steve, you actually let evil man get away just like that?
That doesn’t sound like you…. what about plan#2? (for people like that) I’m not judging you, believe me, I have “walk outs” all the time, it just doesn’t seem like you to let go like that. May I ask why?”
-Miriam Misaresh
My answer? “Because I was in a towel!”

This brings up a good point. How persistent should we be with someone who doesn’t want to hear the Gospel? If someone doesn’t want to hear it, don’t persist at all. If you do, then you will be casting your pearls of Jesus Christ before the swine of indifference. You have to know when to walk away. On the other hand, if someone is tracking with you, listening, even arguing, then be a pitbull—a pitbull has his nose turned backwards so he can hold on to his prey and still breathe—but be as gracious and dignified as a poodle. Don’t let anyone off the hook who says he can get to Heaven by being a good person. Never let anyone go who minimizes the absolute justice of a Holy God. Always make sure that a “sinner” understands his helplessness before God and that he stands condemned already if he doesn’t believe.

In other words, let your bark have some bite.

-Steve Sanchez

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