SPAMgelism: Ugly Pictures of Jesus


Instead of sending cute pictures of puppies cuddling with hamsters, painted cats being served by mice valets, and urban legends of vampire babies with three heads, why not SPAM your friends and unsaved loved ones with this: Ugly pictures of Jesus. That’s right, ugly—and I mean really ugly pictures—that all the major media pull out at Christmas and Easter and put on the front pages of their newspapers and magazines.

Send this link to all your lost friends—and enemies! They will laugh and get a Biblically sound Gospel message, too.
Click here to see the top ten ugly pictures of Jesus.

I got this from the monthly Newblast, a newsletter put out by The Way of the Master. They always offer interesting evangelistic ideas; this is one of them.
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  1. But he was ugly ( Isaiah said so – He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.

  2. Very nice information. Thanks for this.

  3. With a heading like “SPAMgelism” I was expecting and article about people who do mass emails with Gospel presentations. Do people do that? I would never encourage anyone to spam for Jesus, although I did see it as an evangelism topic on this webpage here:

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