E-vangie Video: Bloody Liberty and the Man in Fur


Sometimes things go wrong—desperately wrong! What do you do when the people you are sharing with act a little crazy—or a lot crazy—like these two strange people just off Hollywood Blvd.? You must maintain your cool, don’t get distracted, and speak in a low measured voice, always presenting the moral law of God so it can do its work in the conscience—regardless of the outward results! Don’t feel obligated to present the good news of Jesus Christ to the hardened and unrepentant either or they will trample your pearls underfoot…
CAUTION: Due to some offensive language, viewer discretion is advised!


  1. Steve, Interesting video and I think you handled yourself well.

    The question I had yesterday when I watched the video was, were they even listening to you?

    You did a great job staying on track while the two of them were clowning around. Hopefully you got through to them.

    To be honest I think I would have thanked them and moved on.

    Mike …

  2. The Word of God never returns empty…

    Notice that when I shushed him, he listened!

  3. Recently was transferred to a new jobsite that was way behind schedule. Needless to say there is a dark cloud over the project. I overheard a phone converstion with the project manager and a V.P (heated and yelling!) Phone call ended and I inquired what was up? The project manager replied saying th V.P. was upset because the company was only going to net 2 million instead of 3 million. I said hold that thought and grabbed a handful of million dollar bills from the truck and brought them back in the trailer and said here you go have a million on me and here is one for the V.P. when you see him next. By the way the million dollar question is on the back. This led to several conversations regarding the ten comandments, the judgement, the forgiveness of sin through salvation and numerous other million dollar gospel tracts being handed out on the jobsite.

  4. Man… Its amazing how people can be so ignorant. When their time of Judgement comes im shure they are gonna be shivering in their Shoes!

    I like what you do Steve? I think thats your name. lol

    God Bles!

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