Do you have an evangelism blog?


Want to have your evangelistic blog featured at some point on this site?


I want evangelists and would-be evangelists to be encouraged wherever they can. If your blog features regular evangelism articles of any kind, I will put it as a post sometime in the future. Then I’ll put it on my sidebar so you will get “hit credits” whenever anyone goes to this home page.

Remember, since I’m on vacation, I’ll most likely have to moderate your comments when I get back.


  1. Steve,
    Heres my blog address

    Thanks and have a great vacation!

    Vernon Costolo
    Huntington, WV

  2. Hi Steve!

    I’m up here in the SF Bay Area and post what
    I learn from others about evangelism, as well as lots
    of witnessing stories. Thanks, and I love your blog-
    very inspirational and funny too!


  3. Steve,

    Thanks! I’ll make sure to send you a million dollar bill (Canadian currency).

    Ottawa, ON, Canada

  4. Pastor Steve,

    My blog is:
    It is geared to beginning Evangelists and people who have trouble finding time to do Evangelism.

    It has…
    – Tracting tips and tract placement pictures
    – How to articles. So far one on tract stamps and one on a tract station for work. I am planning one on audio recording equipment on the cheap (low cost but good sound and professional look) and one on tract bags.
    – God willing it will also soon have audio from witnessing encounters.

  5. Thanks Steve –

    The blog is new but I try to update at least once a week……

  6. Thanks Steve….
    God bless
    Steve Johnson
    Colorado Springs, CO

  7. No, I’m not an evangelist! That’s been my excuse for years. But nobody else seems to be even trying, so I’ve committed myself to start sharing my faith in my locality.

    Have a good read!


  8. Hey Steve, I already have you on my site . Thanks for the add.

    Keep lighting the darkness

  9. Morning Steve,

    been following your site for years.. here’s my site, it’s almost entirely witnessing encounters and evangelism “ideas”

    God Bless


  10. I’m new to this, but here’s my blog –

    Thanks! Jeff

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