Disco Evangelism


Who said that evangelism can’t be fun? It all depends on where you practice it.

These disco dancers at the DooDah Parade appreciated getting a $100 Giant Money Gospel tract in the middle of their boogyin’.

Can ya dig it? Looo-king Gooood!’

And my friend, Ed Lee, had the same idea with the “Are you ready?” cross. He was totally munga, man!


  1. Steve, you’re amazing! Who knew you had moves such as these!

    But please remember, Dancing is like a shower! One wrong turn and you’re in hot water! :<(

  2. HEY! You are not supposed to mix business with pleasure LOL. Loved your

    technique. Keep up the good work pastor Steve.

  3. these videos were sooo funny!!! i was rolling while at work haha!! I love this!! Thanks for sharing! who ever said white men cant dance? haha

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