Destinations: Venice Beach


We discovered a new place to preach when visiting Venice Beach: the Kush Clubhouse.

We are there to preach the gospel, not to make a statement about medical marijuana, though the term “medical” is highly doobie-ous. One of our evangelists asked the proprieters if he would be able to buy some hemp because his elbow hurt. They said yes. “How about a headache?” Yes again. (No he didn’t buy any.)

The guy pictured on the left is a street performer. No one bothered him when he spoke.

The guy being confronted below by two security guards from the pot house er, dispensary is one of our open air preachers delivering the message in front of the Clubhouse. For some reason, people get all worked up when the Word is delivered in front of this place. But it’s just what the (good) Doctor ordered.

Want to join us for some fun this Saturday? Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool.


  1. Just as an aside. Do you make any distinction between the use of Marijuana, and Tobacco? Or Alcohol?

    If it matters I don’t smoke or drink, so I am not attempting to justify my own behaviour here. Just curious if you think one is fine but for some reason another isn’t.

  2. Steve,

    So you don’t have a problem with things that are legal, eh?

    “One’s legal, the other ain’t.”

    You know, abortion’s legal….


    I’m pretty sure BathTub was after your own personal views on the use of marijuana, tobacco and alcohol.

    I’d be interested to hear about that from you too, because you have a certain amount of experience in that regard (based on your past testimonies) and it’s always wise to listen to those in the know.


  3. Short & sweet, thanks Steve.

  4. LoL!

    This shows so clearly how far away the carnal intellect has fallen from the conscience. Its not about whether THC is more acceptable that alcohol or tobacco, but the fact that these things destroy lives, some faster than others. Pot is illegal for a reason. It is a strong halucinagen and the dosage cannot be regulated or measured to sale. If it is legalized, heroin and all the other “fun drugs” will follow the same legalization path in a matter of time by the same reasoning. Without Law every recreational drug man can invent would waste our world in no time at all. Alcohol and tobacco are leading causes of death in our world, weed being legal will just add to the death toll, the decline in family and the increase in drug addicts in America.

  5. Ugh, so the silly ‘gateway’ canard. That’s what I was really getting at before. Even I know Val pulled all those ‘facts’ out of thin air. The ‘potency’ of any strain of plant can be known just the same way almost every alcohol has the % on it. And this quite simply shown by the fact that some hemp is legal, because they know the % of THC is quite low.

    Presumably you both want Tobacco and Alcohol made illegal, due to the hundreds of thousands of people killed each year from them.

    I mean we are going by damage caused right?

    Cigarettes certainly teach people how smoke, biggest gateway drug there is.

    I was fine with ‘it’s illegal so it’s illegal’ but don’t be hypocritical and pretend that it’s based on harm done. Because nothing compares to the real harm done annually by legal alcohol and Tobacco.

  6. Of course, if God gave you a revelation to smoke up a bunch of pot, you’d have to do so, regardless of the legality of it, right?

    Maybe by you smoking the pot, it prevents a young child from smoking it. God works in mysterious ways and all that.

  7. Val,

    What, specifically, drew this remark from you;

    “This shows so clearly how far away the carnal intellect has fallen from the conscience.”

    What ‘shows so clearly’?

    I found your answer to be a totally reasonable one for the questions asked. That’s your personal take on the drugs issue and that’s what was asked. Fair enough.

    Why Steve is letting other people speak for him (again) is beyond me.

  8. Time. I barely, as of late, have time to even moderate these comments.

    I am enjoying the “Christians believe in God only as a crutch” dialogue from another post.

    How in the world do you atheist guys find the time to comment on all our blogs? Does Dawkins pay you? Do you work? Are you married?

  9. How in the world do you atheist guys find the time to comment on all our blogs?

    1. I don’t comment “on all [your] blogs”. I only comment on the ones that allow conversations with atheists. That’s why I don’t post on Paul’s blog, for example.

    2. It doesn’t take that much time, if you’re a fast typist.

    3. I have a lot of practice in organizing my time efficiently.

    Does Dawkins pay you?

    1. Not all atheists are fans of Dawkins.

    2. No, he does not pay us, or anyone else that I know, to post on blogs.

    3. I’m betting that Dawkins has far more important things to do than pay nonbelievers to post on blogs.

    Do you work?

    Yes. Standard M-F schedule. I tend to post when I get home, though, or in between projects at work (when I have about 10 minutes or so of free time).

    (For the record, I’ve been home sick since Weds this week, and so I have to go into the office tomorrow to make up for it… bleh!)

    Are you married?

    I’m not, but I have a girlfriend, and I don’t tend to post when she’s over at my house (she’s not a fan of me writing posts when she’s here).

    Seriously though, each of my posts takes at most 15 minutes to write, and that’s for the extremely long ones.

  10. I also think that you’ll find that most of the atheists who post to these blogs, like myself, have jobs where they’re at a computer for most of their day.

  11. Yeah I love this idea that it takes half an hour to type up a 5 line comment. This comes up so often I guess I would have to grossly generalize “that clearly all Christians are slow typists” right?

    Yeah I work, but it seems to slow down in the summer/christmas period which leaves me plenty of times labouriously typing out these epic posts o n e l e t t e r a t a t i m e .

    *phew* that’s hard work.

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