Destinations: USC Football & Arab American Festival


Last year while preaching to the crowds at the Coliseum before the USC Football game started, we encountered trouble.

Threats from police…

…threats from fans…

… and threats from the Porta-Potty line!

 With 90,000 fans in attendance and only five more home games, I’m sure this is going to be one Halelujah good time! Oh! And we’ll be debuting our new speaker system, HELLBOY!

Meet this Saturday at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool. We’ll be returning by 5:45. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. Read the above stories by clicking here and here.

On Sunday we will be going to the Arab American Festival in Garden Grove. Meet at Hope Chapel at 1:00PM and pray that what you see in the video below will not happen to us. (We have a strategy…)


  1. Cause for uproarious laughter: “Hellboy”

    Cause for great concern: “Arab Festival”

    Have prayer, will say some.

  2. Your team is in my prayers for the game and the festival. May the Lord open all doors to proclaim Repentance and faith in Jesus to those still lost and playing religiosity.

  3. Will be praying for you and all . . .

  4. Thanks so much for the prayer cover. It is VITAL for us “foot soldiers, snipers & airmen” who are fortunate enough to live the great LA area and to regularly go out with such leaders as Steve Sanchez. Both these events are definitely going into “enemy territory”.=; so Please Pray hard!

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