Destinations: The Awakening ’09

We are going to “The Awakening” at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, this Saturday. It is an evangelism conference featuring Ray Comfort, Sean McDowell and others. Will you join us?

As a special bonus, Ray Comfort will be doing a mock funeral on the Huntington Pier featuring our preaching dummy, Eutychus’ Sis. (Who’s that? Why is she named so strangely? Click here.)

A mock funeral is exactly what it sounds like. A “dead person” lies under a sheet which attracts a crowd. Then Ray gives an evangelistic funeral message.

I wonder if Whitefield got his start this way.

Meet at Hope Chapel at 9:00AM. Or meet at 3800 S. Fairview St. Santa Ana, CA 92704. #714.979.4422. For more information click here! Returning by 6:00 pm.

Next week: Venice Beach!

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