Destinations: PV Street Fair, WeHo Gay Pride Parade


This Saturday, we will be going to one of the wealthiest places in SoCal: the Palos Verdes Penninsula for their annual street fair. Though it’s expected to be rather uneventful in terms of angry outbursts, I’m sure there will be a fair number of Security officials who will try to stop us from handing out tracts and conversing on the public streets. Most are just ignorant of the First Amendment. (If you haven’t read “On Dealing with the Police,” print it out and memorize the protocols.)

Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool.


On Sunday the team will be going to the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade, a very difficult venue for evangelism.  Born again, fundamentalist Christians are generally unwelcome in this part of town—even hated—partly because of the unloving attitudes displayed to this community by self-righteous believers, a lot of them who hold hateful signs. We go because we love the people there; we go to listen and to reason with them about Hell, Heaven, and the Savior. Not recommended for kids.

Meet at Hope Chapel at 7:30AM to carpool.

Did you know we have a “Gay Equality Gospel tract? Click here to download it for free.

See a whole raft of evangelism articles dealing with the homosexual community including our strategy of not arguing, by clicking here.


  1. So the strategy is to beat around the bush?

  2. Uh…it says exactly that. Avoid the gay issue unless pressed on it. When pressed, turn back to good person test.

    Seems like the goal is to convince people that they’re terrible sinners like everyone else. Do that successfully and it becomes easier to unleash the bigotry.

    I’ll read it again after work. The phone is not the best for lots of reading.

    • Well yeah… We don’t want to make the issue about homosexuality. Usually the line of questioning goes like this:

      Them: Do gays go to Hell?

      Me: No one goes to Hell for being gay. (This usually surprises them.) The issue is sin. Have you ever told a lie? etc.

      After we patiently take them through the law and the Gospel they will then usually ask: “Well, is being gay a sin?”

      Me: It’s one sin in a long list of sins. I care about you. I don’t want you to go to Hell. God demonstrated His love for you in this: While we were yet sinners, Christ died for you. If you repent and trust in Him, he’ll forgive you. You’ll have everlasting life. You won’t go to Hell.

      Them: But I was born gay.

      Me: I was born a liar, a thief and an adulterer; yet I repented. You have the same choice now that you listened and understood.

      At this point they will be smiling, we’ll shake hands and chat a little, then say good bye.

      I hope this was helpful. Make sure you watch these two videos of 2 interactions I had with some wonderful gay people.

      A man:

      A woman:

      • I’m curious Steve, its the fornication that’s sinful and what your primary argument is against, (looking at a woman or looking at a man with lust) yes? Yet that behavior is alright in a married, committed relationship. If two gay people are in a committed relationship and are married and monogamous will this then be okay? What about if they were a celibate lesbian couple? Wasn’t one of those new commandments to love one another?

      • sin is only a religious construct to control people.

    • Here’s the bottom line:
      “I told you that you would die in your sins, for unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins.”
      (John 8:24 ESV)

      • what makes you think that is true?

      • Steve I’m curious, what is your take on gay Christians? People who accept Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior, acknowledge their transgressions and trust in Jesus to save them.

      • They are not Christians if they continue to live an active gay lifestyle. Same with those who are actively sexually immoral, or actively stealing, etc.

      • I happen to work with a gay Christian, she’s pretty devout and loves Jesus, but she also loves her girlfriend. They have a healthy relationship and live together, and as far as I know don’t engage in any destructive behaviors such as theft, murder, lying etc. Jesus commands us to love one another, and I really don’t see how what they’re doing is in violation of that. In fact it is the second greatest is it not? Would it not supersede Moses and John’s prohibition on male/male fornication? And could you also see how those passages could be interpreted as a decree against fornication and not against committed loving relationships?

        Additionally, how do you determine the difference between ‘backsliding’ ‘wrestling with’ and ‘actively’ when it comes to determining who is Christian or not? I could say you’ve ‘actively’ been dishonest with your congregation when talking about science and refuse retract or correct your statements but I wouldn’t say that doesn’t make you a Christian because in order to not be a Christian all that takes is not believing in Jesus as the Christ. The only thing you could argue for is that a homosexual would simply be called LEAST in God’s kingdom, it doesn’t mean you won’t see ACTIVELY gay Christians in heaven Steve.

      • And that’s the big difference between what you believe and what I believe.

        Start with 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Romans 1.

        It’s pretty clear what the bible says.

        Additionally, how do you determine the difference between ‘backsliding’ ‘wrestling with’ and ‘actively’ when it comes to determining who is Christian or not?

        How would you determine this? As a pastor, I know the difference. You tell me though how you would differentiate between these three examples.

      • Steve L. says:
        Here’s the bottom line:
        “I told you that you would die in your sins, for unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins.”
        (John 8:24 ESV)

        Blythe says:
        what makes you think that is true?

        Because the Lord Jesus said it was!!

  3. Well if you’re going on strict literal interpretations, it says men with men, it says nothing about women with women. So lesbianism is okay? Also you get different vocab depending on what version of the Bible you’re using as well with different meanings for words, so really take your pick =)

    Backsliding I’d say would be occasional dalliance in sin, of course the frequency is open to interpretation since its never clearly defined anywhere (great isn’t it?), perhaps a gay christian couple that partakes in fornication on a bi-yearly basis, but prays for forgiveness afterwards? (I mean we’re all sinners right, we’re all going to lie, cheat, and steal eventually so why not this sin too if you’re coming from a I sin, you sin mentality when approaching these people)

    Wrestling With I’d equate to Ted Haggard, lead a bunch of people to Christ, has a wife and kids but he’s unable to shake his homo/bisexual tendencies (biology isn’t on his side). No matter how hard to tries to pray the gay away its not going away so its an eternal monkey on his back. Wrestling with forgiveness would also describe his flock as well, because rather then forgive poor Ted and try and help him they exiled him like a Pariah and didn’t see him as worthy of forgiveness.

    • So I can’t mention a particular individual when it comes to them actively deceiving people or actively being dishonest? Sheesh.

      • Tell you what Steve, how about I just him Voldemort next time because he is apparently he who shall not be named… =)

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