Daddy Disappears!


Hi! I’m D.D., Daddy’s 9-year-old daughter.

A few months ago my Daddy posted some pictures about our family’s vacation to the Grand Canyon. He told you about how lots of people have fallen over the side because they got too close to the edge of the rim. (You can read Daddy’s story by clicking here.) Anyway, here is the photo that scared Mama and my little sister, Laurel, half to death; Daddy thought it would be hilarious to put it up on this blog because he thought it was so scary:

We tried to tell him that he was too close, that he, too, would fall over the side, but Daddy always wants some funny shots of him holding the million dollar bill gospel tract in different places.

“Daddy! Daddy!” we yelled. Then whoops! Daddy disappeared.

Please don’t tell him that I found this photo. I’ll be in big trouble!

Not! C’mon, where’s your sense of humor. It’s a joke. Smile! I wrote this. Of course, I’m sure you figured that out already. April Fools… in September!
Thanks to my Photoshop buddy, Paul Latour.


  1. Steve,

    Well I am glad you had a good time with the family. It took me a moment to realize, great photo cropping, Paul. Pretty funny. That’s why they have signs.


  2. Real funny….

  3. HAAAAAA HAAAAAAA! HAAAAAAA! I’m still laughing!…

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