Da Vinci & Denisse

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how a young woman, Denise was handed a million-dollar bill after watching the Da Vinci Code. Here’s her actual version:

A while ago I went with my friend and her mother (who are unbelievers) to see the movie The DaVinci Code. We ended up going to the Palos Verdes theatre because her mom thought it wouldn’t be that crowded (it was my first time going there). When the movie ended we started to exit the theatre, and who do I see? My Pastor Steve Sanchez, handing out million dollar bills left and right like there was no tomorrow! I was in shock! Out of all the movie theatres in all the South Bay why did he have to to be at this one? I was scared of what he might say,; I thought maybe he might rebuke me in front of all the people, or maybe I felt guilty for going to see the movie. I wasn’t about to let him see me, so I ducked and made a run for it.

On the way home my friend started to read the million-dollar bill out loud. I remember her saying, “Adulterer! Blasphemer! Ugh! That is so rude!” Her mom turned to me and asked, “That’s your Pastor? What are they teaching you at that church?” null I said, “No, no… you have it all wrong!” Then I began to ask them the million-dollar question… Then step by step I explained to them about how we can have forgiveness through Jesus Christ. After I was done they were just silent. I had goosebumps afterwards. It was the most amazing experience because I unintentionally shared with them about the Gospel, and I couldnt have done it without Steve. All those times I sat in church and heard Steve tell us how to evangelize by asking the million-dollar question—and it actually stuck in the back of my head. I was able to share the good news!
-Denisse V.

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  1. That’s fantastic! Denisse thank you for sharing the real truth of God- you could of chosen to just let them think what they wanted to- but you didn’t! What an encouraging story! Remember Jonah’s story!

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