Da Vinci and Da Devil Pt.2


A friend of mine, Doug Levy, a youth pastor at Coast Christian Fellowship, reminded me of a very effective strategy to lessen the Da Vinci Code’s profits:

“There is also a great idea going around that people go to see “Over the Hedge” this weekend so as to not only “not see” Da Vinci, but to minimize the gross that they get and put another movie—“Over the Hedge”— into first place for the weekend… making Da Vinci the 2nd place movie!
Insult to injury! ; )”


  1. Wow, you guys are really putting a lot of thought into this, huh?

  2. Well, there are many things that we can do:

    1. Pray for all going to see the movie, to see the lies and to seek the truth
    2. Witness… find friends who have seen it and talk to them about the real Jesus… hand out tracts at the movie theatre
    3. Go to see “Over the hedge” instead…

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