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The evangelism team went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade today. Let me show you what I wore:

Since we were in the Crenshaw District, a neighborhood that overwhelmingly supported our new President, I, too, wanted to be supportive and inspiring to the crowds that I’d be evangelizing to.

The Apostle Paul wrote, “I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the Gospel that I may share in its blessings.” (1 Corinthians 9:22-23)

When in Rome….

(Read the response of the parade-goers to my attire in part 2 by clicking here.)


  1. I don’t know about wearing an Obama shirt. I went to our MLK parade to hand out tracts, but I went causally dressed. Not anything flashy one way or the other. I’d be afraid that by wearing an Obama shirt they would assume the message I’m sending them is approved by Obama. And everything Obama stands for is contrary to the Gospel!!

    Do you think Paul would wear an idol around his neck to appeal to the pagan idol worshipers? And believe me, there IS people who worship Obama, I work with one guy who does. 🙁

    Now I do agree we should NOT wear shirts that are designed to offend when witnessing (i.e. Obama is the anti-Christ or God hates Obama), but can’t we just wear normal clothes? It’s possible to go to far and appealing to the world, to the point the Gospel is compromised. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Very interesting. Looking forward to your hearers reactions.

  3. Paul Latour is scorned for carrying a Bible while witnessing, but its ok to wear a pro Obama shirt? I think its crossing the relevant line. Obama stands for anti-christian values and some may asssociate your message with his. And NO I don’t believe Paul would wear a pagan idol around their neck to be all things to all men. Proceed with caution Steve.

  4. One could say all the
    candidates had issues and values that Christ himself might not agree with. Sen.McCain,Sen. Biden and dare I say Gov. Sarah Palin , sometimes when we choose to look at the values that we think are the most important to God and Jesus we fall into our own trap. Wearing an Obama shirt isn’t crossing the line because whether you want to accept it or not he is the 44th president and that is what Brother Steve’s shirt said. It didn’t say all praise be to OBAMA. it said OBAMA 44th President. Our job isn’t to judge Obama but to save souls, the blessings of Abraham do not stop because Bush or Obama are in the White House or because the news say the economy is bad. Just look at Joseph in the Old Testament. We pray for our president we do not judge him.

  5. Hmmm…okay so the Obama shirt is getting attention, great, wow.

    Now that we’ve got your attention not only are we saying we acknowledge him as President but that is all the shirt is about.

    We are handing out the tracks at the parade.

    15,000 (roughly) or more tracks went out, some were torn up, some were not.

    The shirt is not the focus, I think the BIG PICTURE is to be focused on, and what would that be?

    Tracks were delivered and the acceptance of OBAMA these two things are the ‘BIG PICTURE’ they are very important.

    Who’s right who’s wrong…its not a black/white thing.

    Focus – Focus – what are you focused on?

    Distraction – Distraction – what are you distracted by?

    Where two or more are gathered in His name!

    Plant and sow, water, share the Gospel.

    If you think you need or if a Pastor thinks he needs to wear a particular shirt who gives a hoot, that doesn’t need to be an issue really.

    For those of you who haven’t been sharing the word, maybe if you came out with us you would see that it’s not about the shirt; really.

    Just another opinion. Mine.

  6. There was a man caught in supporting a cause that the religious saw as breaking the commandments, they planned to stone him with words and judgement. As they all stood there to pick up their stone, Jesus knelt down on the ground and began to write in the sand all the sins of the religious people committed that he went to the cross to die for.

    Some sins were hatred, some were liars, some were thieves, some were adulterers, some still sin regularly and fake like they walk in the spirit to fit in and be accepted by the religious, but in their hearts are deceitful, and they live fleshly lives.

    The crowd started to thin and all the religious left, the oldest first to the youngest. Jesus said, who condemns you, then neither do I, go and sin no more.

    Read the scriptures, the thing that sets you apart from every other faith is the love you have to give. So why are you hatin so much!

    David, murdered and lied, committed adultery and broke every command. Funny how God knew him in the womb and still chose him to lead his people as the annointed King of Israel.

    I’ve heard many Christians refer to Obama as a Muslim, and so they lie, doesn’t that break a commandment? Did they repent?

    Jesus wore the flesh of man…he is God, King, and Lord of all, why don’t you rebuke him too?

    You came into this world naked, why don’t you wear just what God gave you to wear, are you ashamed? why? Sin!

    Christians have the greatest opportunity to serve. This was the primary message that President Obama has spoken about, but being blind to your religious mores…you sit and judge those that are going to serve, even your enemy. That’s funny, that what Christ did, we were still his enemies and he went to the cross to serve our need? He came to serve…what a concept.


  7. There have been some comments here against wearing the tea shirt, but two things are missing: (1) motive for wearing it and (2) if you don’t agree with Pastor Steve’s understanding of what Paul stated (ref meeting people where they are at), then what is your understanding? You can’t just state someone is wrong without a full explanation as to why you feel that way.

    Both of these are closely related. If the T-shirt was worn to fit in, be more acceptable to that culture, to gain their trust, respect, attention etc, then I believe it was wrong to wear the shirt, no matter whose picture it had on it. I don’t imagine Paul went to Rome wearing Roman attire, anymore than he went to the klink wearing torn threads to fit in with the other prisoners. I don’t remember Jesus dressing as a Samaritan before meeting the woman at the well, nor putting on his best duds to go before the Sanhedrin. I also don’t think if Pastor Steve was invited to a meeting with the neighborhood coven, that he should wear a pointy hat or carry a stick with bristles on the end (okay – humour me a bit: I meant witch’s clothing).

    We are in this world, but we are not part of it. We don’t need to use the ways of the world to reach people for Christ, because the Holy Spirit prepares hearts to receive the gospel from the messenger sent by God. Our testimony is Christ, not the things of this world. We see examples in scripture of how Jesus, Paul and the rest met people where they were at physically, emotionally, intellectually and culturally. Jesus shed tears with Martha and Mary over Lazarus; he was gentle and coaching yet wise with the woman at the well; he was steadfast and strong when he rebuked Peter. He attended dinners with a tax collector and the Jewish leaders of the day. He did not try to take on their entrapments. After all, we are not out to seek approval from men for our belief in Christ: we believe and share the good news to bring glory to God and his Kingdom! Jesus and the disciples lived simple lives, dressed simply and spoke plainly; they did nothing to distract from the message they were bringing.

    A personal note on the T-shirt and its inspiration: it is unfortunate that many people, especially minorities, believe that Pres. Obama is the answer to all their prayers and problems in this life. He is just a man and so will make mistakes just like any other man has who has been placed on a pedestal. The ONLY MAN who ever lived who can make a difference in our lives is Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour. We are living in tumultuous times thanks to the greed of most and the lies and deceits of many. Now is the time to place our trust and faith in the Only One who can save us and bring us peace.

  8. Hi Pastor Steve:

    Love you….hate the shirt. Praying for the president, but understanding who he is. I know you, so I know your heart was right….But, I think you might want to raffle off the shirt in the Crenshaw district to raise money for more tracts to give out 🙂 lol

  9. We passed out 30-40,000 tracts, all that without an Obama t-shirt at the inaugeration, and at times, even holding a really big Bible …. not even one person went away screaming…”AAHHHHHH a Bible, get away from me you Bible holding person”…. oh yeah…I preached holding the Bible also, even reading from it at times 😮

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