Class of Oct./Nov. 2008


16 out of 22 students finished the latest evangelism class that I teach at our church called “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear.” The man with the star below, Anthony Martinez, graduated “The Top of the Class.

Anthony hails from Calvary Chapel South Bay and has promised to recruit more students from his church to learn “The Way of the Master.” I asked the class who thinks that they will share their faith more regularly as a result of what they’ve learned. Surprise! Everyone stood up! A first.

Now comes the hard part: doing it. Congrats everyone!

The next 6 week class will be mid-January. If you live in the area, c’mon down.


  1. Hi Steve. I’m going to be teaching the Basic Training course for the second time. In one of your past blogs, you mentioned that you give points to your students as they take the class and that it helps you to know if they can get the certificate of completion or not. Could you share that system with me? I had a case in my first class where I wasn’t sure whether I should give the person a certificate or not. I think a points system would really help.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. I sent it to you awhile back. I’ll resend it on Tuesday.

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