China Mission Part 7: “Taking Love”


Cindy had the desire to start sharing her faith after reading these E-vangie Tales. The first time she went out with our evangelism team she led two people to repentance and a saving knowledge of Christ. She was so excited, because she had never done this before, and a book she had been reading about missions said that if you have never led anyone to Chist, then you better not become a missionary—which is something Cindy wanted to do. This encouraged her greatly since she was part of the China Mission Team from Hope Chapel.

While in the Chinese underground housechurch one evening, a woman who was a second-time visitor to the church and not a Christian approached Cindy with a strange request. She moved away from the other Christian women and confided very secretively to Cindy that she had an American
boyfriend who wanted to “take love” to her but she didn’t know how.

“I asked her to repeat herself several times,” Cindy explained, “before I realized she meant, ‘make love’. Embarassed, I said to her, ‘Well, that’s a good thing, because God does not want you to make love before you’re married.’ ”

Cindy then had the greatest answer that I have ever heard when she told me how she responded to this woman. She said, “Can I ask you a question? If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven or Hell?”

The woman didn’t know about Heaven or Hell, but just wanted some “tips” from the American visitors.



  1. 🙂 yeah! Good advice Cindy.

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