C.A.U.S.E. and Effect


UPDATE: My crazy friend Paul Latour made a color correction to the photo below and another subtle silly change. Just thought you’d like to know. (You can see the original here.)

On Wednesday eleven evangelists took part in another covert operation master-minded by the Way of the Master.

Last year it was the “Origin of Species” book give-away,  a copy of Darwin’s magnum opus of fairy-telling with a special 50 page forward by Ray Comfort, handed out on 170 university campuses (read about it and watch the video here).

This time, though smaller in scale, the C.A.U.S.E. (College and University Student Evangelism) project was a huge success as we converged on the campus of USC handing out over 2,300 Gospel tracts and engaging in many, many, one-on-one conversations with curious and appreciative students.

For a full report, please click here to read Tony Miano’s blog about the scale and scope of what happened nationwide.


  1. You do understand that Campus Crusade for Christ lists over 530 campus ministries in CA alone….

    So “we secretly gave away $2000 worth of bible tracts on 60 campuses across the 29 states” is just a tad underwhelming.

    Note it was originally 75 campuses across 31 states a few days ago.

  2. I’ve have been waiting for Trish’s “Evangelist hands out Tracts” Press Release though, that should be entertaining.

  3. When Serving God and reaching out to people, NONE of that is “underwhelming” or “underachieved”.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to serve with you all Pastor Steve.

    To God Alone Be The Glory!!!!

  4. Well, Bathtub, Ray had to beg this year for money and slash prices for classes, so I guess the recession is hitting LW a bit later than the rest of us.

  5. How cunning of you to hand tracts out in a different location this week. It’s so cute – you guys have an acronym and everything.

    BathTub said: You do understand that Campus Crusade for Christ lists over 530 campus ministries in CA alone….

    Yeah, but that doesn’t bring any glory to Living Waters.

    “…a copy of Darwin’s magnum opus of fairy-telling…”

    Nice hit-and-run comment. Steve – you choose to remain ignorant of the theory of evolution. You choose to believe evolution conflicts with Genesis. You choose to believe Genesis is literal. You have nothing to back up these beliefs other than dishonest propaganda and your feelings. You have also admitted that when reality doesn’t concur with your interpretation of the Bible, you chose your interpretation. So, consider me unswayed by this opinion.

    “… with a special 50 page forward by Ray Comfort…”

    So it’s a different forward than last year’s?

  6. Perdita, yes it is different. Ray had to rewrite those paragraphs he ‘borrowed’ from Stan Guffey.

    all 3 editions of Ray’s intro are up at the wearesmrt wiki.

  7. I’m sure Stan is glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Lol – Even Ray knew not to copy from Creationists!

    And, no. I don’t think it was great that Ray used Guffey’s words without prior permission and attribution. Not that it surprised me at all…

  9. He didn’t use it for that, it was just a trojan horse designed to sneak his bunk into schools.

  10. It was a historical essay on Darwin’s life. it wasn’t pro or anti anything.

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