JW’s: “They Won’t Like It!”


A very gracious and humble man from Hope Chapel approached me yesterday and expressed his concern about our team of evangelists going to the JW convention. “If someone came to our church,” he said, “we wouldn’t like it if they passed out literature contrary to our teachings…” I agreed and reminded him that people have done that before, and we ask them to stop doing it. If they continue, then we warn them again; if they persist we ask them to leave. And that is what we are fully expecting to happen to us when we go there tomorrow. null I explained to him our purpose for doing this incursion: “We have a whole convention center filled with people who will be going to Hell if they subscribe to the Witness doctrine. We are going to wage a propaganda war. We will go in to this public setting—remember, we have been invited—and we will hand out as many million-dollar bill Gospel tracts as we can. It’s not unlike flying a plane over a Communist country and dropping leaflets to the lost. I’m sure the Communists don’t appreciate it, but we are called to snatch people from the fire! It is a very real war.” He understood.

A good reminder of the false teacher’s fate (and their followers as well) is found in 2 Peter, Chapter 2. Pay attention to the contexts of these phrases: “destructive heresies;” “denying the sovereign Lord;” “swift destruction;” “shameful ways;” “these teachers will exploit you;” “their condemnation;” “their destruction;” “the Lord knows how to… hold the unrighteous for the day of judgment, while continuing their punishment.”


  1. Steve —

    First off I think it is okay to go to the JW conference to hand out million dollar bills. I think you need to be careful and not blow your witness. If you hand the bills out in a friendly spirit and avoid debates you are on good ground. In my opinion if you are asked to stop while you are inside you need to honor their request (just move outside to a more public position). If you are not being obnoxious and respond to comments in a gracious manner, how can they complain? You will be successful even if you only hand out one bill or talk to one person.

    At the Youth Specialties conferences there are always people trying to share their point of view outside the center. When the people are being gracious and not getting in people’s faces there are always a few that will stop and listen, but when they become obnoxious YS hears the complaints.

    Looking forward to hearing your success story.

    In His Grip, Mike …

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