Kill the Rabbit


What’s up Doc? This bunny bugs me! Hey! It ain’t about rodent hordes, but the Risen Lord! Try to talk about sin, Judgment Day and Hell to a dude like this and it ain’t worth jack… he kept taking me down rabbit trails.
null So I gave him the Million-dollar bill Gospel tract; let it do the talkin’ for me.
null The cold hard facts hit him like, well, an egg. What a horrible message to read right before Easter. I sure rained on his Easter Parade.
null Put off the old suit, and put on the new Bunnyman; quit hoppin’ and get hollarin’ hallelujah
—because Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death, giving life to all who would repent and believe.

The poor guy was a definite Easter basket case.


  1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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