Bulletin Board Boldness!


“Hey honey! Look! There’s money on that bulletin board!”

“Wait a minute… that’s not real money.”
null “It’s those stupid million dollar bills that we see all over the place! I think they say something about Hell.”

“Man. How brave do you have to be to pin one of those on a board?”
“Christians are so chicken!”

null “I may as well read it…”

R.A. Torrey (1856-1928) says:
null “Oftentimes people who are too proud to be talked with, will read a tract when no one is looking. There is many a man who would repulse you if you tried to speak to him about his soul, who will read a tract if you leave it on his table, or in some other place where he comes upon it accidentally, and that tract may be used for his salvation.”
Who’s R.A. Torrey?

R. A. Torrey was a Congregational evangelist, teacher, author, born in Hoboken, New Jersey. He was educated in Yale University and Divinity School. After a period of skepticism he trusted in Jesus Christ as Saviour. Soon after he pastored in Ohio and then in Minnesota. In 1889 Dwight L. Moody called Torrey to Chicago to become the superintendent of the school which became known as the Moody Bible Institute. He also served as pastor of the Chicago Avenue Church, now the Moody Memorial Church, for twelve years. Between 1902-1906 Torrey and Charles Alexander conducted a very fruitful evangelistic outreach in Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, Britain, Germany, Canada, and the USA. From 1912-1924 Torrey was dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (B.I.O.L.A.) during which he pastored the Church of the Open Door (the church where J.Vernon McGee pastored and taught). His remaining years involved holding Bible conferences, teaching at the Moody Bible Institute, and other endeavours. (Adapted from “The Wycliffe Biographical Dictionary of the Church, Elgin S. Moyer, Moody Press, 1982)

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