BOO!: Halloween Cootie Catcher


These days parents are wary of what their kids get in Halloween bags, especially if it’s something Christian. If it’s suspect, like loosely wrapped homemade brownies given by the hippie commune down the street, or a tract with a smiling Jesus, it gets thrown away. But here’s a novel idea: The Cootie Catcher (sanctified version).

You remember those Cootie Catchers don’t you? Little boys and girls everywhere would write out their fortunes and whatever came up, that was their future, like having to marry little  Billy, the kid with the funny nose, etc. On this evangelistic version every “fortune” that kids (or parents) read gives a very clear—and scary—Gospel presentation.

Here’s the “fortune” under the symbols for “road” and “heart” on the Cootie Catcher:

Did you get road or heart?

The latest data available shows that the 7th leading cause of death in the United States is motor vehicle accidents… in other words, dying on the road in an auto accident. The road symbol is there to remind you that every 12 minutes someone dies in a car accident, and the next time you get in your car you may actually be climbing into your coffin. The heart symbol reminds us that statistically heart failure or disease is the number one cause of death. So why are we talking about death? Because it is the ultimate statistic: 10 out of 10 people die. And the Bible says that after death you will face God’s judgment.

Most people don’t think about it much. They figure that since they live a good life they will probably go to Heaven when they die. The way to find out if that is true is to judge yourself according to God’s standards, the 10 Commandments. Have you ever lied, stolen, or used God’s name in vain? If you have that makes you a “liar,” a “thief” and a “blaphemer.” If you’re guilty you will be condemned to Hell. But God sent Jesus to take your punishment for you. Repent and trust in Christ, and you will be saved.

This Cootie Catcher really puts the “Hell” back in Helloween! Click here to get the free download.


  1. Great pictures!!! Your girls are so cute!

  2. Good idea!

    here is a recent conversation on a discussion board:

    WFJ: Well, then, I guess I don’t know what “key” means.
    Unlock, to make clear. The Law binds us, makes us sinners.
    Why is that a key?

    Who said the Law could save? I must have missed that one.
    Ray: I was not saying you said that, 🙂
    I just did not want to be misunderstood, and threw that in.

    Have you tried to give the Gospel to a hard stone?
    It bounces right off.

    But the law. if explained, used correctly, will “unlock” a persons heart.

    It is the “key” to making a person ready to recieve the Gospel.

    That is what I meant.

    Perhaps you are correct also (the law binds), but…..

    If the law binds, it also makes the sinner aware He is a sinner.

    If the law is told to a person in a way that shows He is a
    transgressor of the law of Holy and Righteous Loving God,
    than that man stops justifying himself and his mouth is closed.

    He will start to realize his urgent need for a savior,
    we know that is Jesus Christ!

    I would rather consider the proper use of the law as a key,
    that makes a person open to the Gospel.

    Many people are bound in sin,
    and do not even know that.

    The very best to you!

  3. Banana:

    Actually, the other girl is my daughter’s best friend, Amy.

  4. Awesome! Banana is about as creative as they come. I recently ordered her OA Handbook and am axious to get that.

  5. I downloaded that about a month ago. I wanted to use them at our church Harvest Party, but it doesn’t look like we are having one this year. But … the Lord is faithful … our team will be outside of Taco John’s (with permission of course) this year handing out our own Halloween goodie bags. They will include an ESV NT, some creepy cash, the cootie catcher, and candy. 🙂

    I am going to have to remember to bring a camera this time!

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