Black Friday is Coming!


The busiest shopping day of the year is in two days. Are you ready? Hundreds of people line up in the pre-dawn hours waiting for that extra special deal, why not give it to them for free? The Gospel, that is. I won’t be doing it because it’s too darn early for me, but you can; in fact, I hope you will, and that you will take a few pictures and send them to me. Any takers?

My friend “Downtown” Leon Brown, of Evangelism Team, did just that last year. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.


  1. Its 2:46pm on Black Friday, and you may or may not have heard, but here is another sad story for your sudden death:

    My parents have a family owned retail store in northern Michigan and my dad just told me that our rush this morning (there wasn’t one), wasn’t as bad as WalMart this morning. He said one of their employees was trampled to death earlier today.

    How horrible is this, someone got up to go to work today to try to pay for their families food etc, and if what else but for the love of money was this person killed? Greed of the ‘good deals’ claimed this poor employees life.

    I cannot, but wonder, what if someone there had read this blog and taken Steve up on this, or another employee, just moments before this and had handed the person a MDB tract and asked the question and gone through salvation with this person. How important this truely is and I am glad to be growing to be more compassionate and charitable and understanding the urgency and earnesness of this all. Thanks Steve and the followlabourers who post on this site. Hopefully that person was already saved, God only knows. – Jason

  2. Jason, Now that’s a bummer. If you have a link to the story, please send it!

  3. I went out to a few stores in the early morning hours, but the video came in decently on only one of my trips. You can check it out here:

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