Battle Plan


I called a lawyer.
null “Bob, they won’t allow us to hand out literature at our church booth in El Segundo this weekend, so we cancelled the booth and now we will be going down as a team to hand out tracts and share the Gospel. I fully expect to be stopped by the police. What do you suggest we do?”

Bob the lawyer had a great plan: “If they tell you to stop, stop. Have your team take a notepad and pen to document what happens if you are stopped. Ask the officer what law are you violating. Get his name and badge number and write it down.”
null “Can I record the conversation with a tape recorder?”

“Yes, but you must get the officer’s permission.”

“What if he doesn’t allow me to record the conversation?”

“Then write that down too. It will make our case even better.”

“Can I then ask to speak to the Watch Commander?”

“Yes, you can. Just make sure that you are agreeable. ”

“We will be totally polite and gracious,” I assured.

“We need to get all the beach cities to say no to your evangelizing then we can work.” At this point he told me a great strategy that I cannot divulge to you at this time.

“Then what do we do?” I asked.

“After we document that all the beach cities are violating your civil rights, then we have to get a few of you arrested.”
null “Arrested?”

“Yes. Just not this weekend; I’ll be out of town.”

“Good. Because I’m preaching this weekend,” I said with a temporary sigh of relief.

Please pray for the evangelism team this weekend. We are not in Kansas in the fifties anymore… If you’d like to join us, come to Hope Chapel at noon this Saturday to pray.


  1. If it wasn’t for my b-day, I’d be there. This a synopsis… I stop at Vons in Hawthorne on Marine, tried to hand a Bill to the Security Guard, he was hostile, told me to go take me crazy pill for saying that Jesus is the only way to heaven all I said was “there is no other name under heaven where a man can be saved.” B.TW… a black muslim took the bill, who was sitting next to him listening… I said either Jesus was looney or what he claimed about himself true. Lord save them.
    May God increase your courage.

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