Bad Joke Time


A sidewalk preacher stood on a soapbox downtown and started a rousing sermon on salvation, ending with, “Brothers and Sisters, if you want to go to Heaven, come stand by me!”

Half of those standing around joined the preacher, and he went on, raising his voice and fervor, again with the call, “Brothers and Sisters, if you want to go to Heaven, come stand with me!”

Half of those left came over and the preacher continued, ending again with the call to Heaven. This time, all but one man came over.

“Brother!” the preacher called, “Don’t you want to go to Heaven when you die?”

The man said, “Oh sure, when I die. I thought you were taking a load up now!”


  1. No, I don’t understand your joke but i like your website. I saw your lesbian
    vid and thought you might like to see one not unlike yours from Dallas Texas, where things are always bigger. is my blog to myself where ones and ones people visit, if that many. Actually it’s a memory for one old man to pray for at least some of those I think actually listened to the Gospel proclamation.
    I share one common bond with you though, it’s Christ Jesus whom I proclaim as you do. There is no venue I wouldn’t proclaim His name. Christ must be proclaimed, He must be proclaimed!
    Im ready to give my head for Christ, and if the Lord tarries, we might have to make that choice.
    I will put this site on my blogroll because you are a true brother in Christ our Lord.

  2. Hold on to your day job, not much to this joke. I do like the rest of your blog though. Now you’re saying, “good thing this guy gave me his “ok”, now I can sleep in peace.”
    I think I have stumbled upon another brothers website that gets me fired up. I saw the lesbian video and thougt you might like to watch another in the same context. I don’t mind if you critique it or like it, proclaiming the Gospel has grown scales so thick on my skin that there’s not much that would offend me. In fact there’s nothing that would offend me.
    The masses of people just havn’t figured out that is the only website they will need for that Jesus hole in their heart to be filled. NOT!
    Thanks for finding a way to proclaim the Gospel in a serious way and also tickling my funny bone. Some of the bubbles you add text to are so true, that they are funny.
    Not sure about open air at the IN N Out. They could have easily pressed charges on you. It’s private property. These days I tend to shy away from cops, I don’t want to lose my job, my only source of income to provide for my family. I thought at one time I had given up everything for the Gospel until I found out my arrest was not as the crooked cop had told me. So be careful if your family relies on your income. Court costs are always more than you can afford, even if you are found NOT GUILTY.
    Keep up the website, it’s a good one.

  3. Welcome aboard, Ron. I apologize for the bad joke. I’ve been sick the past 4 days and uninspired, so I dug up some Ole Faithfuls from my email. I checked out your blog and see that you know some of the crowd from GNN!

    Small world.

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