Atheist Tuesday: OCCUPY the Atheist!!!


This was a very pleasant conversation with a very friendly atheist (imagine that!) at the OCCUPY El Camino College demonstration who explains that he is all-inclusive when it comes to free expression. He felt the need to distance himself from the man who tried to stop us (“You are an opportunist! Get out of here!”) from handing out Gospel tracts at the OCCUPY protest on campus (see the video here).

As a gift for talking with me I gave him a free Atheist Bible.


  1. If more atheists were civil and understood basic reasoning abilities, I would be more willing to spend time with them. When they resort to their usual personal attacks and bullying instead of addressing the topic at hand, I lose interest.

    • And you play no part in that, eh?

    • Yes, because following a script is very civil.

    • I have found that to be true in my dealings with atheists. I think atheists want to believe that they are rational interesting ubermench people. I don’t think they realize that they come across to others, especially to believers as arrogant, unpleasant, egotistical, inconsiderate and uncivil. Who wants to spend time with people like that? I am surprised that atheists even want to socialize with eachother.

      • carl – judging by how you come across here, I can see why you might think that about atheists – they’re just reacting to your attitude.

        There’s nothing like a dose of pious, holier-than-though arrogance to put somebody on edge, so of course atheists seem hostile to you.

      • I’ll ask you too, carl… do you play any part in how people treat you?

        Is it *possible* that people treat you the way they do due to things that you do?

      • *Complains that atheists are uncivil*
        *Goes on a rant about how atheists are arrogant, unpleasant, egotistical, and inconsiderate*

        Just think about that.
        Really. Take all the time you need.

      • Sorry to say this to you Carl, but you come across as arrogant, unpleasant, and egotistical.

    • I don’t want to spend time with most of you death cult members. Don’t come up to me handing out your crappy tracts and DVDs. Fine with me. If I’m relaxing outside somewhere, enjoying the company of friends or family, don’t get up on your little box and start screaming. Just go away. That’s cool with me.

  2. Good job Steve! Straight forward but kind and compassionate!

  3. A…Friendly…ATHEIST?

    Was he standing next to Big Foot?

    Steve, it is regrettable that you showed that poor man’s face. Now his atheist friends will abuse, disown and kick him out of their religious club for being “friendly” to you.

    Steve you are an opportunist. You take any opportunity to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to proclaim his Gospel.

    God bless you Steve and your fellow street evangelists.

    • Steve, it is regrettable that you showed that poor man’s face. Now his atheist friends will abuse, disown and kick him out of their religious club for being “friendly” to you.

      1. There is no religious club that I belong to.
      2. I’m certainly not going to kick him out of it.
      3. I’m usually friendly to Steve, and you’ll note that all of the “atheist groups” I belong to have not abused me nor have they disowned me nor have they kicked me out.

      So, I don’t get it.

      • Nohm, I’m going to have to ask that you turn in your membership card along with the TCBY coupon book.

      • Wow Nohm. You took Josie’s comment and made it all about you. Your comment would only make sense if you personally knew the man in the picture.

        You don’t really think you are friendly to Steve, do you? How many hours to you think you and your wearesmrt friends have devoted to trashing him?

      • Now you’re just being silly, carl. Since Nohm doesn’t read minds, he can only speak for himself – he gave the most on-point example he could.

        For that matter, look at me. I’ve perused wearesmrt, but never posted there (that I recall – I’m kind of an internet dilettante, though, and I show up in some of the most unlikely places…), and I like to think I’ve been reasonably friendly. Even when I’ve been accused of being amoral, or a robotic follower of an “atheist religion.”

      • carl,

        Please point out where I have “devoted hours to trashing him”.

        Support, or retract, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        I “made Josie’s comment about me” because Josie was implying that finding a friendly atheist is just as unlikely as finding Bigfoot.

        carl, regarding your comment about whether I’m nice to Steve, I ask you to go through the past two-plus years that I’ve been posting here.

        Stop making stuff up.

      • I’m sorry carl, but the phrase “there are no friendly atheists” (as Josie was implying) is absolutely absurd and deserves to be corrected. Nohm, from what I can tell of his interactions, is a nice, friendly person.

        You, on the other hand…

      • @ Nohm

        Nohm says:
        December 14, 2011 at 12:36 pm

        Please point out where I have “devoted hours to trashing him”.

        Nohm here is your answer: wearesmrt

      • No, carl, I mean give me an actual example where I have “devoted hours to trashing him”, and this includes on wearesmrt.

        Not one example from a few years ago, but repeated examples where I have “devoted hours to trashing him”.

        Or, admit that you used hyperbole and greatly exaggerated your claim.

        If I claimed “carl has devoted hours to making stuff up” and then, when called to support that claim, I simply say “stonethepreacher”, would you take me seriously?

        Of course not.

    • You realize that it is people like you who give atheists a terrible name, not the atheists themselves, right?

    • Just a little joke guys. No harm intended 🙂

      • Josie, I understood it to be so. The atheists will most certainly be less forgiving….

      • Hmmm guess I can’t do my post repeating, changer thingie anymore, why don’t you allow this Steve, its an easy way to highlight the bigoted and stereotypical posts that go on on this blog, maybe someone will learn something or at least perhaps learn from their mistakes.

  4. Another case of “Ignore what he has to say, insist that he follow your script instead.”

  5. Not the only one. Dare I bring up the contradiction that made Ray hang up on a philosophy major while on the radio?

  6. I will be praying for Nick. A nice guy, who seems to be open and not closed minded. Steve you did a nice job of presenting the law and gospel. I like the way you kept telling him “if”. I like the fact that you stood on the truth of the scriptures by telling him, in a nice way, that Jesus was fully man and fully God. I hope that when Nick becomes a Christian he will come to understand that God has saved his reasoning too. With God nothing is impossible.

  7. Carl and Stormbringer,

    My point is this: you get what you give.

    The two of you have either said wildly offensive and incorrect generalizations about people (Stormy), or continued to use out-of-context copy and paste quotes (carl), and that’s why you get treated the way you do.

    When people show me respect, I show them respect back.

    When people show me disrespect, as the two of you do, then I don’t feel that it’s always necessary for me to show you the respect I normally would.

    When you change your attitude, I think you’ll see a drastic difference in how people (not just atheists, because it’s not just atheists who find you annoying) treat you.

    You can have issues with particular individuals, but to use a broad brush against a group for the actions of a few is wrong. Yes, even if someone says something like, “A… Friendly… CHRISTIAN? Was he standing next to the Loch Ness Monster?”

    You get what you give.

    • I agree with Nohm on this one.

      Christians, please be civil with the visitors who are here. If I’m offended at what they say I simply delete their comments. This will also apply to incivility among the believers, too. Please read and think about these verses of Scripture: Galatians 5:22-23 & Colossians 4:6.

      Thanks for your consideration.

      • (you dont have to post this)


        I’m not trying to be uncivil. Maybe you don’t know this but Nohm and a few others have created threads over at wearesmrt dedicated to you. My opinion is that most of the comments are derogatory. That’s my opinion.

      • Yes, I am aware of them. Here is an article I wrote about a year ago concerning this group: Atheist Tuesday: Sound and Fury from the SMRTies (Part 4 of 4)

        To get the context of the article, please read the previous three parts. It will answer all your concerns.


      • carl,

        You wrote: “My opinion is that most of the comments are derogatory.

        If that’s the case, then bring that up with those specific individuals, using specific examples.

        For example, would you also claim that perdita “devotes hours to trashing” Steve?

        In my opinion, you’re tarring people with a broad brush.

      • Carl so you think when we note that Steve censors such uncivil comments as “Why do you think this is good?” we are being derogatory and therefore persecuting Steve?

      • Steve I wasn’t aware that you were aware of the situation. Your continued kindness towards the wearesmrt people just demonstrates that you are a true disciple of Jesus.

      • Wow… you’re really going to enforce this Steve? The past few times I’ve attempted to repost some of the posts above, changing out the word atheist with another group to highlight how bigoted and nasty these comments really are, you’ve deleted them, will you delete the above posts or keep them on the site?

      • My opinion is that most of the comments are derogatory. That’s my opinion.

        I know I’ve been frustrated over here and vented over there, but I would have to re-read to see what I said and how bad it was.

        There are derogatory comments, but it would be better – and more honest – to treat each person as an individual and not part of some collective Borg-like horde.

        I don’t know if you post over at Ray’s blog. But if you do, it would be wrong of me to hold you accountable for derogatory comments made by Christians over there. Make sense?

    • Nohm, the thing is Stormy is well aware of this. He can sit back and watch us chat with posters like Dan, Craig, Annette, etc, then wade in with his bucket of bile and say “You’re all Meany Heads, no one will talk nice to anyone, so I refuse to talk to you”, it happens time and time again with him pretending to be oblivious to why he gets the responses he does while other people are merrily getting on with the discussion.

    • Anyone who wants to get to know the real Nohm can visit wearesmrt. I have read their chat archives. It was enlightening.

      • Be sure to see us SMRTies on streets and at colleges and parades, were we never ask people if they want to hear us talk about how evil they are and how they deserve to go to Hell, we just force it on them.

      • We do it out of love to let you know your status. You can deny it, ridicule it, ask for proof and then deny it, but at least we gave you a fighting chance for Heaven. Perhaps you have not seen my rationale? Please read it here.

      • Everyone is welcome to get to know “the real Nohm”, whether at wearesmrt, or, or the archives of Atheist Central, or any chat logs from “Islam Answers Back!”, and so on.

        If you have an issue with me, carl, please bring up a specific example, and make sure that you’re presenting it in context.

        Otherwise, you’re just doing free advertising for that one, particular website.

      • Also, does that include the times that I’ve been complimentary of Steve?

      • I actually agree with carl, you can see the real Nohm there, but I am not sure why you would think him angry or rude beyond your average born-again Christian.

        If you go there and post you will also never be censored and you will be in all likelihood held accountable. I’d urge you to sign up as guest accounts are not particularly respected or liked by many members.

        Note the lack of censorship means you WILL encounter swearing and a number challenging views. But that is also a good thing as you will never have a comment covered up. This should please you, as I imagine that scrubbing comments to make something appear different from what it actually is would be considered baring false witness.

      • Vagon said: I’d urge you to sign up as guest accounts are not particularly respected or liked by many members.

        Substitute “guest accounts” with “Christian” and that is a true statement.

        Why do you want Christians to sign up? Do you want personal information on the people who visit your blog?

      • Vagon says:
        December 14, 2011 at 9:43 pm
        I actually agree with carl, you can see the real Nohm there, but I am not sure why you would think him angry or rude beyond your average born-again Christian.

        Vagon, who said anything about Nohm being “angry or rude”? I never said anything about Nohm’s behavior. Do you think Nohm is “angry and rude”? Was that a Freudian slip/type?

        If anyone dares to visit wearesmrt’s chat room they can see for themselves how you treat “guests”. Just reading the chat room archives visitors can see how “guests” are treated.

      • Carl, I prefer to have a discussion with someone I can easily identify, hence why I would like people to sign up. I don’t believe I’ve ever been rude towards a guest that was interested in discussion.

        I couldnt care less about your personal information. I have absolutely no problem with someone putting completely fake info in so long as they do not spam the site with advertising etc.

        Carl you said Nohm was angry and rude, its on this thread:
        “Nohm and a few others have created threads over at wearesmrt dedicated to you. My opinion is that most of the comments are derogatory.” and that hes spent “hours trashing” Steve.

        Can you site even a handful of those cases?

      • We have Christian members who get on just fine, in fact we have living waters staffers who are members, (Tony for one and Chad both have accounts and that’s just the ones we know of) they seem more active in the bible study section.

  8. Nohm if I went over to wearesmrt and started reading all of the comments you and others have made about Steve that alone would take me hours. Composing the comments must have taken longer. Any time over 120 minutes would fall under hours.

    • Do understand the difference between critical and derogatory?

      What percentage of Nohm’s posts would you say are derogatory?

    • Carl is certainly doing his best to not back up any of his claims.

      Carl if you were actually reading over there you would be well aware that the overwhelmingly the ire towards Steve is caused by his recent heavy handed censorship kick.

      And if you read it you would know what Steve is censoring, such derogatory and vile comments like “Why do you think this is good?”

      • BathTub

        I’m not going to waste my time pouring over all the many pages devoted to to Steve at wearesmrt. If I brought the comments over here then I would also be wasting Steve’s time and I’m sure he doesn’t want to reread what some of you have wrote about him. If anyone wants to read your chat archives or threads about Steve I’m sure they can find them unless they have been edited or deleted.

        If I were you I would delete them because it makes you look bad.

      • Deleting posts is dishonest, Carl. I would rather “look bad” by things that I’ve written, than to delete them as a dishonest person would.

        Also, I encourage you to read a fable by Aesop titled, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

    • Composing the comments must have taken longer.

      Carl, you might type slowly, but I type quite quickly, and don’t spend a lot of time composing my comments. I don’t know why you think it takes me a long time.

      Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

  9. Nohm, anyone can visit wearesmrt and see for themselves what you and others have written about Steve on threads and in the chat room archive. Visitors or Guests can also see what sort of things smrties say about Christians. I don’t need to provide any evidence it is already there. Unless of course there has been some massive deleting going on.

    • carl we do not delete things there unless they are spam or innappropriate media. Certainly we never delete written posts.

      I too would like you to point out a couple of derogatory posts. It is a cop out to accuse someone of something bold faced, then refuse to back up that assertion.

    • You know, carl, funny thing. I just spent 20 minutes going through link after link, having googled “steve sanchez nohm”

      He’s dismissive, but for the most part, not particularly derogatory re: Steve. The worst, in fact, was reprinted by Steve in the link above:

      His tagline is: “Evangelism with an edge… and a sense of humor.”

      I interpret that as “I’m a (expletive) and just as funny as any other fundie (i.e., not at all).”

      So unless you have a little evidence that I missed, I’m going to have to take Nohm’s side in this one.

      Put up or shut up, big guy.

      • For the record, that comment that Nameless Cynic just posted was my first-ever comment about Steve.

        My opinions on him have since changed, as he and I have gotten to know each other over the past almost-three years.

        I’ve also changed quite a bit myself since that post.

      • Nohm with friends like Nameless Cynic you don’t need enemies. Ouch!

        Nohm you if you have changed you should repent, recant and remove the threads made about Steve.

      • Really Carlos. It’s no problem at all. Let them say what they will. How in the world could it possibly affect me? As long as they are civil on this blog, and not derail the posts, I allow them to expose who they are so the Christians can be nice to them and especially, pray for them.

        Thanks for your concern!

      • Steve you are a very wise man. You are a very good example too.

      • Nohm with friends like Nameless Cynic you don’t need enemies. Ouch!

        I must have missed where he said something negative about me. Again, you appear to use hyperbole.

        For the record, I have no problems at all with what Nameless Cynic wrote, nor do I have any problems with him.

        Nohm you if you have changed you should repent, recant and remove the threads made about Steve.

        1. Repent: I actually agree with you here. Steve, I apologize for using that word to describe you before I got to know you. Having said that, I still haven’t found a fundamentalist that I find consistently funny.

        2. Recant: No, because that’s what I thought at the time.

        3. Remove: No, because that’s dishonest. Projection on your part, I think. If it was removed, then you wouldn’t have been able to find it and try to call me out for things I wrote almost three years ago. I’m not into whitewashing my history.

        Of course, carl, I don’t see you following any of these rules for what you’ve said, so… seems hypocritical to me for you to point out the mote in my eye when you have huge beam sticking out of yours.

      • Sigh… and you wonder why people are snarky with you Steve, like the man said, you get what you give. Your give just happens to be on the passive aggressive condescending side.

      • I agree with Steve. Now carl how about you back your assertions about Nohm up. Or were you bearing false witness to Nohm’s character?

    • Carl wrote:

      I don’t need to provide any evidence it is already there.

      Well, isn’t that convenient.

  10. Yes, no one has ever heard about Jesus before. Do you ask people if they want to hear it? And if they say no, just walk away? I’m still struck by the video I saw of one of your heroes and role models, Tony Miano. On a public trolley car, he gets up and starts running his mouth to what was essentially a captive audience. Didn’t ask if anyone was interested. I guess the riders could have just gotten off. After all, you were they to want to simply use the transportation and converse among themselves, not bothering anyone? Miano had to reinforce his beliefs and theology, just like you. Because that is what it’s all about. You can’t stand that there are people who don’t believe what you believe. It galls you no end.

    • Hayzoose,

      I think you will find that Tony doesn’t care whether the people are interested or not. The Gospel isn’t just for people who show interest; the truth is that people are destined for a lake of fire irrespective of their personal interests or feelings.

      That alone is license to tell people. Now what they do with the information is between them and God, but the messenger’s job stands nonetheless. Even your hatred of the Gospel isn’t grounds for me to keep it to myself. Christ died for the masses; no one has the right to keep quiet about it!

      If you ever do get saved, I guarantee you’ll have a hard time keeping it to yourself.

      • Thanks for all your encouragement, brothers and sisters.

        Glenn, once again, you are correct!

      • Yeah, I know Miano doesn’t. Arrogant, self righteous fanatics don’t care if people are interested. They care about reinforcing their own beliefs and worldviews. They care about their death cult. They care about using the deaths of others, people they have no connection to at al,l to further their agenda, without any thought or care of the families of those who have died. I know all this.

      • We all have your back Steve… the Christians that is. Some of the atheists have your back too, but they are drawing a bullseye on it.


    • I’m sure we are all suprised carl is being the gutless standard lying fundie, willing to make up all sorts of claims to defame people but runs a mile when challenged on it.

      KIDDING, lighten up!

      That’s all I have to add if I want to say anything I like about someone isn’t it Steve?

      • BathTub wrote: “I’m sure we are all suprised carl is being the gutless standard lying fundie”

        Now BathTub how did you know I was a member of the Gutless Standard Lying Fundie Club? Did you hack my email?


      • Experience.

  11. Steve,

    I am curious to hear your thoughts on the Virgin Mary billboard with the pregnancy test as well as Joseph and Mary in Bed with the tagline “Poor Joseph, God was a tough act to follow”?

  12. here is my two cents…that was a great interview steve! you always stay on task and you did not lead the interviewee. bravo!

  13. Steve,

    I posted my thoughts on the billboards. Why didn’t you publish them, or my other thought?

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