Appointment with Eternity #4


And here’s yet another reason why I must ask the million dollar question everyday which is: “If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven or Hell?”

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  1. Neither, they don’t exist. What a pointless question!

  2. The atheist is working under that car! A believer in the one true God of the universe would never…work like this. An atheist is a fool. According to the Bible.

  3. But what if you believe in Allah? Perhaps you’ll go to Islamic hell? Or maybe Buddhist hell? Perhaps Hindi Hell?

  4. If you believe in those other gods, you will still go to the Christian Hell….

    Yikes. Imagine how disappointing it would be to pray five times a day for seventy years – that’s 127,750 separate prayers – and after all that, you find your undead self in the wrong eternal torture chamber.


  5. If that’s the case Steve, why don’t you go proselytize on a street corner in Tehran where you can make a REAL impact.

    No gods. No hell. No way!

  6. Wow that’s unfair, I’m glad I wasn’t born in the remote jungles of Brazil where there are still some tribes that are isolated from the rest of humanity, me and all my family who hadn’t heard the word of the Christian god would be in trouble then. But then again God didn’t make it a fair world apparently.

  7. Eh its easy to preach in California, people don’t typically murder each other over religion there, the same can’t be said for overseas, its also pretty nasty Cranium to imply he should go there to be martyred for the faith, most people aren’t ready to be a martyr when they live in a country as good and stable as the US, typically the only people willing to die for the faith are those who have nothing to live for in this life.

  8. lol because you aren’t in Iran God hasn’t called you to Iran. Sounds more like someone is chicken.

  9. God has called me to be an Atheist because I am an Atheist.

    Steve, this line of apologetics is awesome.

  10. Steve, it’s because you don’t have the nerve. You know how long you would last. You only do what you can safely get away with. Such conviction!

    ‘I went horse-riding’ – ah God gave you some pleasure

    ‘I fell off and broke my leg’ – ah, God was sending you a message

    ‘So I missed the school play’ – hm, God has other plans for you

    ‘The hall burned down and all were killed’ – ah, God saved you for a purpose

    What an absolutely ludicrous, pathetic logic set you use when you claim ‘it’s Gods way’.

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