An Encouraging Email


I was delighted to get this email from a Canadian reader of StoneThePreacher. The purpose of this blog is to be an “encouragement to those who share their faith and a motivation to those who don’t.” Paul Latour was motivated to share his faith more as a result of reading this little blog. Praise God!

“Well, it’s been a year already. Yep! One whole year since I discovered your website and started to comment, contribute or whatever. I have no idea how I stumbled onto, what was then ‘Evangie Tales’, but I am all welling up and getting teary-eyed as I recall introducing myself and submitting my first comment one year ago yesterday. I cannot express to you what a wealth of encouragement, inspiration and help this site has been to me over this past year as I continue to hit the streets with the greatest news on the planet, and I truly thank the Lord for this wonderful ministry. I know you put your heart in all you do. It is evident.

“God regenerated my heart in 1999. I have been witnessing one-2-one on a regular basis since 2002. God led me to attending a Ray Comfort thing when he came to town in 2003. It dramatically changed my style of giving the gospel to people but I did not begin to preach open air ’til August 12 of last year. (I stood up for the first time at our city’s Gay Pride Parade ceremonies… talk about baptism by fire!) Not the best sermon you ever heard, but I got up! One week later, I came across this site and it has been a great source of help for me since then.

“I so appreciate the posts, writings, topics, encouragement, and, of course, within most of that, the(whacky) sense of humor. Right up my alley!”



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