Preaching at American Idol Finals Today: Prayers Needed


As of this time I’m going it alone to the American Idol Finals where a line close to a mile long waits to get in to see the Final Show. Pray for me.

The photo below is my Bush Pulpit from where the IDOL worshipers pass by to hear the preaching. Read about it by clicking here.



  1. Any person who watches American Idol and thinks that it is good sangin is tone deaf.

    People don’t know good music from bad music anymore. It is all bad. Sit them in front of a church choir and have them listen to songs praising Jesus and they will know what good music is.

    I’m praying for you Pastor Steve!

  2. Dear Steve,
    May God give you boldness to speak out the truth and compassion for those lost ones! You be faithful!
    Kostya, St.Pete, Russia

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