Ambassadors’ Academy Pt.10: The Conclusion

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What is my conclusion after having the privelege of leading nine students at the first-ever evangelism training put on by the best evangelism ministry in the world?

Everybody needs to go.

Though I have been sharing my faith nearly everyday since January 1, 2004, I have never had a more impactful experience than the time I spent at the Ambassadors’ Alliance, the wonderful new bootcamp put on by Ray Comfort’s ministry, Living Waters/The Way of the Master. It was first-class all the way.

In fact, I was so excited afterward, that I told my wife, “Honey, next to being married to you, and having our two daughters, this was the best experience I ever had!” (Note to men: Never say that to your wife; I learned the hard way.)

I had the great pleasure of seeing my team of nine stand on the “box” and preach in the open air—some for the very first time—in Hollywood! And they did it because they were bold as lions and wanted to go home and introduce what they learned to their home churches.

What impact can a three day intensive training make in the life of a would-be evangelist? The image below is of Cheri Mills, who with her friend Lesa Dae, stop light preached on Derby Day in Kentucky—one short week after the training.

Before enrolling in the Ambassadors’ Academy they rarely even handed out a Gospel tract.

Lesa wrote: “I’m still amazed at the experience and surely I will never be the same. I have had many evangelism experiences, but not like this one. My eyes have been opened to a truth that has been staring me in the face for years. It is a simple, but profound truth.”

Another man on our team, Victor Stinson from Texas South Carolina, wrote this: The most significant step I took beyond my comfort zone was getting onto the box for the very first time at the Chinese Theatre. Also, I did stoplight preaching… at Huntington Beach. I learned a lot about going beyond what kinds of things you THINK you can or should do. I hope to employ many of the things [I learned] into my own evangelistic efforts in the future.

So what are you waiting for?

For further information on The Ambassadors’ Alliance evangelism bootcamps, click here!

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