Ambassadors’ Academy #18 Grads

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This is the wonderful group that I had the privilege to lead at the last Ambassadors’ Academy of 2010. All learned new methods of handing out tracts, photobomb evangelism, how to effectively communicate the Gospel in personal conversations, and, of course, how to preach atop trash cans, posts, benches and boxes.

Congratulations to Theo and Heidi Pope, David and Michelle Halla,  the two sisters, Faith and Grace Nauroth, Cory McKenna and Jeff  Mardling. Also, thanks to my great assistants, Rachael Liebregt and David Grantham.

Now, GO!

See their preaching photos by clicking here! (Click on each photo for an enlargement.)

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  1. God be praised eleven times…that includes for you too, Steve.

    Great job eveyone! May the increase of street preachers give increase to the gospel being spread in the public square wherever everyone is from.

    Glory to God!

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