(Almost) Sudden Death: Axe of Love?


To ask people, “If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven or Hell?” is a vital question. This story from the L.A. Times validates the urgency of Jesus’ command to go and preach the Good News to all creation—before it’s too late.

78-year-old Abdel Herbawi has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly attacking his wife with an axe while she was praying. null His 68-year-old wife was treated at UCI Medical Center in Orange for a fractured skull, stab wounds, and a severed finger.

The attack was apparently set off by an argument the couple engaged in on the previous day. His wife was sitting in a chair praying in the living room when Herbawi snuck up from behind and hit her on the head with
the axe. He is accused of then pushing her to the ground and stabbing her with a knife.

“It’s certainly a bit unusual in terms of the situation as we know it and the age of the perpetrator and victim,” deputy District Attorney Dawn Vargas said. — From an article by David Haldane, L.A. Times, 3/23/07

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