Almost one year ago today….


…a great victory occurred on Nov. 17, 2009…. But not everyone saw it that way. So why am I posting this today?


  1. Because today is the C.A.U.S.E. thing or whatever.

  2. Um… because you can’t figure how to respond in the Ten Commandments thread, so you’re marking time?

  3. It’s not a secret Tony Miano posted about, and we all knew it was coming.

    Remember your incredibly low bar of success is ‘we gave away lots of free books’ which no one doubted you would do.

    Now it seems you guys are lowering the bar even further? Seriously there are evangelists on campuses every day. giving away a few dollars worth of tracts is hardly something to keep secret or crow about achieving.

    Frankly I quite disappointed that Ray appears to have abandoned the 1 Million Copies of Origins goal.

  4. Well, if you consider misrepresenting history, using quote mines, and providing disinformation as “a great victory”, then… uh… congrats?

    As I have written time and time again, we don’t care that you guys fight against evolution; what we care about is that people like Ray have to use what certainly appears to be lying and dishonest manipulation to accomplish that goal.

    The ends do not justify the means.

  5. #cause10, so low key not even Ray can be bothered talking about it.

  6. Oh you big tease, so you are going to throw away money, er give out books.

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