All Super Heroes Go to Heaven


Spiderman, Batman, and two, count ’em two Supermen(!) were all asked about eternal things—on camera—when we visited Hollywood on Saturday. One Superman said he was a Christian yet didn’t go to church; the other couldn’t even remember the name of his church. Batman was a good person/believer and Spiderman swore and shoved my cameraman. These guys, so used to saving the world, had no real understanding of their need to be saved themselves. “Holy False Converts, Batman!”

Oh! I forgot to mention that The Joker believed in Jesus but not in God.

No jokin’. Stay tuned….


  1. That’s not so surprising, is it? That he would believe in Jesus and not in God.

    Presumably he thinks that Jesus was a revolutionary teacher of his day with some very profound and insightful thoughts on the human condition, but that his followers misinterpreted/mistranslated/distorted his words to make him appear divine. You can still have Jesus the man without God.

    Besides, as we know form the Dark Knight, The Joker is an ‘agent of chaos’ so it’s no wonder he doesn’t believe in God!


  2. Mat: Good points. You are probably right about the Joker and his beliefs.

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